Trekology Trek-Z Trekking Poles Review

Trekology Trek-Z Trekking Trekking Poles

​Trekology Trek-Z Trekking Trekking Poles: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like
  • ​Strong and stable
  • ​Good quality materials
  • ​Compact and pack easily
  • ​Good value for price
What We Don't Like
  • ​Rattle when used
  • Heavier than telescoping poles

​It's hard to enjoy a hike when your muscles and joints are tired and sore, or you have to focus more on not falling than on enjoying your surroundings.

Hiking poles make it easier to get around. With the right set and the proper technique, you'll be able to go further, feel less fatigued, and have less pain or swelling as a result.

If you fall, have an injury, or are dealing with mobility issues, your walk might prematurely end if you can go at all. A reliable set of hiking poles will give you added stability and something to rest on when you need it. You'll even have more confidence when walking.

​Trekology Trek-Z Trekking Trekking Pole Review

Trekology Trek-Z Collapsible Tri-fold Trekking Pole/Hiking Poles - Adjustable Lightweight Aluminum Walking Sticks, Portable Trail Cane with EVA Grip for Walking, Senior Trekking, Hike, Backpacking

​Trekology Trek-Z aluminum trekking poles are an entry-level product in the industry, but they are the company's premium walking and trekking pole product.

As an Oregon startup, Trekology aims to make hiking, camping, and enjoying the outdoors affordable and accessible for everyone. They use smart design, quality materials, and efficient manufacturing.

While these poles are made of aluminum, the extra ounce or two of weight is a small price to pay for their excellent portability. They look great and fit well in your hands, but is that enough? We wanted to know if these poles were as good as they seemed.

​Who Is This Product For?

​Injuries, balance problems, and limited mobility shouldn't stop you from exploring the outdoors.

Whether you want to walk around at the mall, wander down the street, or venture down an outdoor trail, Trek-Z poles will help make all of your adventures easier.

These walking sticks are reliable and robust enough to make sure every step you make is a confident one.

Steep inclines, wet rocks, and long trails won't stop any outdoor enthusiasts when they have Trekology Trek-Z hiking poles. They fit into a backpack and adjust quickly.

The poles' features make them ideal for walking on the local wilderness path or climbing a mountain top a million miles away.

​What's Included?

​Trekology Trek-Z Trekking Hiking Poles come in a set of two with cork grips and a convenient travel bag with a pull or zippered top.

The purchase includes a set of rubber tips for quiet movement across smooth surfaces.

The included mud stops make trekking across soft surfaces easier.

​Overview of the Features

​Trekology ergonomic hiking poles weigh 9.5 oz and collapse to a length of just under 15".

They're constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and have metal-capped joints for strength and durability. And they're available in a shorter version (100 - 125 cm) for individuals 5'8" or less and a longer version (115 - 135 cm) for individuals 5'9" in height or more.

The handles are comfortable and molded cork with a customizable wrist strap. They'll keep your hands dry by whisking away moisture and preventing your hands from sweating.

Below the handles are EVA foam extensions that you can use for sharp inclines and descents instead of readjusting the poles each time.

Trek-Z walking sticks have a quick and effortless flip-lock mechanism for securing the poles. You just need to flip the lock and adjust the height of each pole. This process takes seconds, so it's possible to shorten or lengthen them without missing a step.

The carbide tips will make sure you can navigate ice, gravel, and packed paths effortlessly. The non-slip, rubber tips are ideal for pavement and indoor surfaces.

​When you are walking across the soft ground, the mud baskets will slip on quickly and easily.

​How to Use

​To use Trek-Z trekking and hiking poles, undo the Velcro closure and pull the segments apart letting the bottom two pieces dangle.

Close the tabs and make sure the screws are tight. Then, holding the grip, stretch the aluminum lengths away from each other, line them up, and push them together until the silver button pops out.

To adjust the height, open the white tab and use the white marks to find the right length. Then, secure the pole in place by pushing the white lever shut.

To collapse the walking sticks, pull up on the handle, push the silver button, and the shaft will separate again.


​For a set of cheaper, telescoping hiking poles, Trekology makes a discount set of poles with the same quick-release locking system. 

They have a length ranging from 26" to 53", and the aluminum construction is sturdy but slightly heavier at 11 oz.

The telescoping trekking poles have a foam grip and extension. The molded grip has ribbing to keep your hands from slipping. And while these poles aren't as small or as light as the Trek-Z poles, they are considerably cheaper.


​Trekology Trek-Z hiking poles don't have all the bells and whistles of luxury trekking poles, but they have everything you might need for most hikes or camping trips. And you certainly can't complain about the cost.

​When you're searching for a set of poles you can rely on, the Trek-Z sticks are worth considering.