Top Summertime Destinations You Can’t Miss

The United States has a lot of beautiful places to visit when the weather is warm. Summer always brings out the best in cities around the country. In this article you will learn about the best places to travel during summer. It’s a good thing to know where to travel during certain seasons.

Miami Beach in Florida has some of the best weather during summer. Walk through the sand, shop at the nearby shopping centers, and enjoy fine dining all within walking distance from your hotel. Miami Beach has a lot of fun night activities such as drinking and dancing. Young couples that want to take their first trip together can make this trip a memorable experience. Families can also have loads of fun by visiting the local attractions, spending a full day at the beach, and eating great food all over the city.Pismo Beach is a beautiful place on the west coast of California. This beach is a few hours north of Los Angeles. A lot of people overlook this beach but it is a great area to spend the weekend with your family. Within a reasonable distance you will also find convenient camping, hiking, shopping, and dining. Explore a part of California that is often overlooked because of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

New York is always a better place when the weather is warm. Throughout the winter months out of the year it can be very difficult to deal with New York. At some point in your life you are going to want to be in New York Time Square during New Year’s Eve, but until then visit this city during summer. Take a tour of central park, go to the Empire State Building, and make sure you see the Statue of Liberty. New York has an almost endless amount of new things you can do. On every visit get New York styled pizza. A trip to New York is not complete if there is no authentic pizza involved.

Chicago is not as windy during the summer. The Windy city has the harshest winds towards the end of fall, during winter, and in the beginning weeks of spring. Once summer rolls around it is not that windy in Chicago. You can take a tour of the city and visit Millennium Park, Museum Campus, Paseo Boricua, and Humboldt Park.

Places to Visit Around Las Vegas:

Valley Of Fire

This is about an hour’s drive from Vegas and is an area of outstanding beauty. It costs a few dollars to enter the location but this money is used to keep the roads in good condition. The geology of this place is absolutely amazing, and the colors range from dark reds and browns, to light yellow. Some of the rock formations make excellent pictures for your photo album.

Hoover Dam

This amazing piece of human engineering is world famous and with the opening of the new bridge across the Colorado you can now get pictures of it that used to be only possible from a helicopter. Parking is very easy, use the multi-story on the Nevada side, or the open parking on the Arizona side. You can clearly see from the dam itself how much the levels of Lake Mead have dropped this century.

Top Summertime Destinations You Can't Miss 2

Mt Charleston

This is a beautiful sight from the valley that contains Las Vegas, and is usually snowcapped for about 6 months of the year. You can spend a few hours getting a tan next to a pool in Vegas and then later in the day drive up Mt Charleston and go skiing, now there are not many places that you can do that. It also means that your kids can finish off a fun day in Vegas with a snowball fight.

Death Valley

Although this is a couple of hours drive from Vegas it is well worth a visit. The area can easily reach 120F in the summer months, but due to the low humidity it feels a lot lower, so make sure you keep drinking water if you go for a walk. There is so much to see in this area you need to spend the whole day here, form the Devil’s Golf Course to Badwater, which is below sea level.

Try to road trip one year during the summer. You will find a road trip around the United States one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. Try to visit as many states and cities as possible. Everyone has his or her own taste on which cities are the best. By taking a tour around the nation you can figure out which state you like the most. After you have your list of top places to travel then you will know locations around the United States to visit. Try to expand your traveling to international waters after you have explored the United States.