Top 8 Breathtaking Natural Wonders You CAN’T Miss

From acres of raw jungle, huge volcanic craters, stretches of deserted sand dunes: Mother Nature amazing works is beyond our imagination. Nature has some of the amazing sites to enjoy and have a great time. Below are the top eight places to visit and experience the amazing work of nature and what nature has to offer.

1. Great Barrier Reef in Australia

This is the largest coral reef in the world and stretches over 2,600 kilometers. It can be seen from outer space. The reef supports an assortment of marine life and has been a world heritage since 1981. A trip to Australia between November and May would be ideal when the summer temperatures are good and the aquatic life is at its most active.

2. Grand Canyon in the USA

This is one of the most striking natural sites in the USA. The Grand Canyon was formed over two billion years ago by Mother Nature’s work. Besides sightseeing, the canyon can be accessed by foot, mule or rafting. Other fun activities that are popular include running, rafting, and hiking.

3. Amazon Rainforest in South America

The forest covers over 5.5 million kilometers square. It spreads across eight different countries and is home to a variety of wildlife and almost extinct primitive tribes. The forest is the biggest and is the tropical forest that has the most species of animals in the world. The major parts of the forest are within Brazil. The best place to enter the jungle from is Rio de Janeiro. A Visit to the Amazon will give you a chance to experience a variety of wildlife and different tribes that inhabit the rainforest.

4. Sahara Desert in North Africa

The Sahara covers over nine million square kilometers and is the world’s largest hot desert. It spans most of northern Africa including countries like morocco, Sudan, Algeria, Chad and Egypt. It’s almost the same size as the Europe continent. The desert contains rocks formations and big sand dunes. Visitors get to experience the various cultures inhabiting the desert in little Saharan villages

5. Galapagos Islands in Ecuador

The islands are located over 972 km of Ecuador. The islands have been isolated from humans for many years resulting in endemic and unique species of wildlife. The volcanic archipelago containing 13 islands is home to marine lizards, blue-footed boobies, and giant land tortoises. A visit to this amazing place will give you a privilege to experience a spectacular and rare sight.

Top 8 Breathtaking Natural Wonders You CAN'T Miss 2

6. Halong Bay in Vietnam

This great world heritage site contains thousands of limestone karts and unusually- shaped islets that rise from emerald green waters. The limestone karts have taken over 20 million years to form under the tropical wet climate impact. A visit to Halong bay will give you a chance to experience the historical side and rich culture of the country

7. Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania

The crater is an extensive conversation land with the highest concentration of wildlife in Africa. It’s often called African’s den due to the high number of birds, zebras, lions and black rhinos. The crater is a natural sanctuary to many animals and is 610 meters deep and 260 square kilometers long. Only the native Maasai tribes are allowed to live in the extensive land. The crater is most famous for photography, bird watching, game viewing, and walking safaris. This is an amazing site with different widlife and great fun activities to choose from

8. Iguazu Falls in South America

The falls are located between the Argentinean and Brazilian border and divides the two countries. The falls has been compared with the Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls but Iguazu offers better views and well designed walkways. Visitors stand at the “Devils throat” in the midst of torrential waters that are surrounded by 360 degrees of waterfalls. Visitors can view the amazing work of nature from the Argentinean side(Puerto Iguazu ) or Brazilian side(Foz de Iguazu)

The eight wonders of the world are as a result of astonishing work of nature and have been preserved and protected for thousand of years. A visit to any of the sites will leave you in awe as to what Nature has to offer.

If you are a nature lover and adventurous you will greatly appreciate and have a great time visiting the above-mentioned icons of Mother Nature. There are many natural wonders of the world but the eight are among the top you should visit.