SWIX of Norway Nordic Walking Poles Review

SWIX of Norway Nordic Walking Poles Review

​SWIX of Norway Nordic Walking Poles: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like
  • ​Comfortable neoprene hand and wrist straps
  • ​Durable and well-built
  • ​Robust, one-piece construction
  • ​Indoor and outdoor tips included
  • ​Custom lengths
What We Don't Like
  • ​Instructions are difficult to understand
  • ​Rubber tips slip
  • ​Straps and gloves are difficult to take off
  • ​Difficult to fly or travel with

​For anyone with mobility issues, balance problems or injuries, the idea of going for a walk can be terrifying.

Uneven ground can be treacherous, and falling could cause serious injuries. Walking poles distribute your weight and improve your balance to make walking safer and make you more confident.

Walking poles can cause less strain than walkers or canes because they keep your entire body moving while encouraging proper posture.

Unfortunately, there are so many different types of poles that you might find it difficult to decide which ones you need. That's why we took a closer look at one of Amazon's top sellers, the Nordic Walking Poles from SWIX of Norway.

​SWIX of Norway Nordic Walking Pole Review

SWIX of Norway Nordic Walking Poles

​Nordic Walking Poles manufactured by SWIX of Norway are a high-end design created by the running and skiing coach Pete Edwards.

Unlike most poles currently on the market, these Nordic poles are longer, one solid piece, and have a unique glove-and-strap design to encourage proper form and technique. As a result, you'll experience less fatigue and strain than you might encounter with other walking pole styles.

​Who Is This Product For?

​While hikers might like the Nordic poles by SWIX, the company designed these walking aids for individuals who have difficulty getting around or those who need some extra stability.

People with Arthritis, stroke patients, and seniors will find these walking poles particularly helpful.

They're also beneficial for individuals with weak ankles, leg or foot injuries, hip problems, or back issues.

​What's Included?

​Each order of Nordic Walking Poles by SWIX of Norway includes:

  • a set of poles
  • a pair of indoor tips
  • outdoor tips
  • a glove and strap system

You'll also find instructions and DVD in the box.

​Overview of the Features

​Manufactured in Lillehammer, Norway, SWIX Nordic Walking Poles are longer than other poles; they encourage you to walk straighter and with a proper gait.

When ordering, you'll need to supply the company with your height and arm length. The company's experts then use this information to get you the proper pole length so that you can use them right out of the box.

The synthetic neoprene gloves are explicitly designed to fit your right and left hands for comfort and to encourage proper technique.

To attach the glove to the pole, you'll find a sturdy, adjustable strap. These take a bit of time to adjust, but once you set them, you're good to go.

In the box, you'll also receive two sets of feet for the Nordic Walking Poles:

  1. For rough outdoor terrains such as ice, snow, sand, and outdoor surfaces, you'll want to use the carbide metal tips.
  2. The natural rubber tips work best on indoor and hard surfaces like pavement.

SWIX-made Nordic poles come with a set of instructions and a DVD to help you learn to use the poles.

These provide enough information for some individuals, but YouTube and the SkiWalking website have additional resources should you need them.

​How to Use

​With your hands in the gloves lightly holding the pole grips, keep your arms straight along your sides and drag the poles behind you.

Next, swing your arms as you usually would pulling the poles along with you. Watch that your right arm comes ahead as your left foot moves forward and vice versa.

With the right technique now in place, keep your back straight and head up as you push back slightly on the poles.

If you do it right, you'll feel yourself push off from the poles. If you find that your arms and legs get out of sync, stop, reset, and start again. Check out the video below for more.


​A suitable alternative to SWIX of Norway Nordic Walking Poles would be the LEKI Journey Trekking Poles.

While not a solid one-piece design, the collapsible pole has two locking mechanisms to adjust the poles to the right length.

For the same price as the SWIX poles, you'll have a lighter set of poles that are easier to take traveling.

Instead of the glove-and-strap system of the Nordic poles by SWIX of Norway, the LEKI poles have a soft-touch grip and adjustable strap. Each has a safety release to make them quick to get on and off.

On the bottom, LEKI trekking poles have a metal tip and trekking basket for navigating slippery, uneven trails.


​Being one of the only one-piece model walking poles on the market, SWIX of Norway Nordic Walking Poles are the best option at its price point.

They are heavier than many of the collapsible or foldable poles on the market and can be challenging to take with you.

However, most individuals who choose the SWIX poles do so for the security and comfort of not having to worry about the poles failing when put under pressure.