5 South Korea Attractions You Won’t Want to Miss

South Korean Attractions

With over 5,000 years of rich culture and history, South Korea is one of the best places to visit on any trip to Asia.

This stunning peninsula offers a diverse range of experiences to tantalize the taste buds of even the most experienced traveler.

If a trip to South Korea is on the horizon for you, it may be a good idea to check out the following attractions:

1. Trick Eye Museum

If traditional art galleries aren’t generally your cup of tea, then the Trick Eye Museum in Seoul might be something you would enjoy.

While there are indeed many art pieces scattered throughout the museum, many of them are oversized, rotated or 3D lookalikes.

The beauty of these pieces is that visitors to the museum get swallowed up by these paintings; they can make you feel as though you are hanging off a cliff, climbing a wall or being swallowed by a Venus Flytrap.

2. Third Tunnel of Aggression

North and South Korea have a long history of military aggression towards each other. As such, the development of military tunnels running from North to South Korea began in the 1970s.

It is estimated that North Korea could move 30,000 men per hour into the South’s territory through these tunnels if they chose to do so – though the North has always denied the existence of these tunnels.

South Korea blocked the tunnels off as a form of further protection against the North years ago.

Still, visitors to the DMZ (demilitarized zone) can walk 265 meters down the tunnel and get to experience what using these tunnels must have been like, the site is close to Panmunjom.

For details on visiting check with Visit Korea here.

3. Jeju Glass Castle Theme Park

This beautiful theme park is an exquisite example of how glass can be used to transform a space into another world.

This theme park is divided into an indoor and an outdoor section.

Everything in the outside section, from waterfalls to fish in ponds and flowers in flower beds, is delicately crafted out of glass.

The inside is no different and features a room of mirrors which can transport visitors into an infinite journey of escapism.

Although nothing in this theme park can be touched, the beauty of the creations certainly has the ability to touch the souls of anyone who visits the park.

4. Seongsan Sunrise Peak

5,000 years ago, hydro-volcanic eruptions formed the volcano upon which the Seongsan Sunrise Peak lies.

This peak, named a UNESCO World Heritage Site some in 2007, is famous for bringing visitors to its edge. It is here that visitors can experience the breathtaking sunrise views.

If you prefer something a little more adventurous, you can hike up the northwest side ridge.

5. Gwang-An Bridge 

This bridge, also called the Diamond Bridge, connects Suywong-gy and Haeundae-gu.

Being two-stories above ground offers visitors breathtaking views of surrounding mountains, beaches and glistening city lights.

The only downside to this bridge is the fact that no pedestrians are allowed to cross it, but the site of the bridge from a distance is equally as impressive.

Packed full of history and natural wonder, South Korea truly has something to offer for every visitor.

While there, don’t forget to try out some of their delicious food options – you won’t be disappointed!