Nomad Portable Espresso Machine Review

Nomad Paris Red Portable Espresso Machine

​Nomad Portable Espresso Machine: QUICK OVERVIEW


​Value for Money

​Ease of Cleaning


What We Like
  • ​Easy to use and clean
  • ​Stands up to heavy use
  • ​Makes an amazing espresso
What We Don't Like
  • ​Moisture builds up in the pressure gauge
  • ​Doesn't work as well outside in cold weather

​There's nothing better than an espresso when waking up or having a bad day.

And if you're like many true coffee lovers, you likely have a home espresso machine, portable espresso maker, a coffee pot, and a million other small appliances. Now, you're out of space.

Portable espresso presses are easy to travel with, but they take significant effort and don't always produce the best espresso.

Full-sized espresso makers make a fantastic espresso, but you can only enjoy it at home. 

If this dilemma sounds familiar, the UniTerra Nomad Portable Espresso Machine may be precisely the device you need.

UniTerra ​Nomad Portable Espresso Machine​Review

Nomad Paris Red Portable Espresso Machine

​Unlike most portable espresso machines available, there are a few exceptions, the luxury Nomad Portable from UniTerra got its start on Kickstarter in 2013​

Since then, it has taken off and is now available in blue, green, white, and red. When you take a closer look at this machine, it's easy to see why it's gaining popularity.

Instead of focusing on portability alone, UniTerra dedicated itself to replacing your standard in-home espresso makers.

As a result, it makes a superb espresso with all the crema you could want. The Nomad coffee manual espresso machine isn't as compact as other portable coffee makers, but the enjoyment you get from every cup will make it worth the extra effort.

Once you experience the quality of this coffee gadget, it could become your most favored personal espresso machine.

​Who Is This Product For?

​The Nomad Portable Espresso Machine is for dedicated espresso drinkers.

​When you want to replace your bulky machine at home, make an impression at the office, or are tired of portable units that don't live up to your standards, this espresso maker is worth considering.

Take it hiking, camping, to the cabin, or on your next business trip.

​What's Included?

​The Nomad portable espresso machine comes with an anodized aluminum 48mm tamper.

You'll also find the metal cup filter, coffee drawer tray and the Nomad True Crema Valve tray tucked inside.

These three items make up the coffee drawer and are also purchasable along with replacement valves on the company website.

​Overview of Features

​The first thing you notice about the Nomad Portable Espresso Machine is ​the strikingly unique look. 

​The design is not rounded, capsule-like, or full of chrome -- the espresso doesn't look like a coffee machine at all. Instead, it has a shape and design reminiscent of antique coffee grinders with a modern twist.

The retro Nomad Portable Espresso Machine uses a small bar rather than a central piston or press mechanism. To operate, you seesaw the lever with your fingertips to build 8 to 10 bars or pressure. It takes minimal effort and produces a single shot, double shot, or full-bodied coffee in minutes.

To make sure you get perfect crema even when the coffee grounds or tamping isn't the best, the Nomad has a patented True Crema Valve. This valve automatically adjusts to make sure you get a perfect pull each time. There's nothing to set and no need to guess.

UniTerra's Nomad machine uses an interactive pressure control gauge to track the pressure. It's easy to read and adjust your seesaw motions to make sure you get the best possible espresso. It clearly shows where the force needs to be for the best possible brew.

All of these features combine to create an espresso machine that everyone can use.

Experienced espresso home baristas will love the high-quality espresso it makes. Newbies and beginner baristas will find the entire thing easy and fun to brew the best drinks they've ever tasted.

​How to Use

​Remove the tray, add 8-16g of grounds to the cup, and tamp it down.

Put the ground filter into the valve tray, the valve tray into the coffee tray, and put it back in the Nomad.

Then, add 10 oz of hot, cold, or iced water to the tank, place a cup underneath the spout, and seesaw the lever.


​If you're looking for an alternative to the Nomad, consider the Flair Signature Espresso Press

Another luxury lever design, the Flair takes the minimalist approach to portable espresso making. The machine comes with a custom carrying case and tamper.

The Flair isn't for those in a hurry:

There are no pressure gauges or valves to adjust, so you'll need to start with the right freshly ground beans, tamp them just right, and use water at the proper temperature.

It takes a bit of strength and knowledge to pull the perfect espresso, but with a bit of practice, you'll enjoy the simple and elegant Flair machine.


​If you're tired of the sub-part espressos made by portable espresso machines or want a smaller espresso maker for your home or office, you'll love the Nomad Portable Espresso Machine.

You could say this system is in a different class than the average travel espresso maker. It costs considerably more than typical espresso portables but far less than professional at-home appliances. ​

​However, the price won't matter after you discover how easy it is for anyone to pull the perfect espresso with this fun and exciting espresso maker.