Foxelli Trekking Poles Review

Foxelli Trekking Poles Review

Foxelli Trekking Poles​: QUICK OVERVIEW





​What We Like
  • Extended EVA foam grip below cork grip
  • Easily adjustable flip locks
  • Comfortable cork grip
  • Includes tips, a carrying clip, and bags
  • Adjustment markings on poles
​What We Don't Like
  • ​Carbon fiber may splinter
  • ​Feet fall off easily
  • ​Difficult to adjust straps

​Foxelli is a company that is famous for manufacturing quality outdoor gear and has produced a trekking pole that is made of ultralight carbon.

Ultralight trekking poles are known for the balance between strength and weight. Finding a reliable set of these poles can be hard when there are so many options on the market, but the Foxelli Trekking Poles is one set that continues to be ranked as one of the best poles.

In today’s review, we’ll break down the various specifications that these trekking poles offer in an attempt to help you understand whether or not these poles are the right choice for your hiking or walking needs.

Foxelli Trekking Pole Review

Foxelli Trekking Poles Review

These trekking poles from Foxelli are an ultralight pole known for their carbon fiber core, all-season terrain pole feet, and high-comfort corks. But are they the right trekking poles for your needs?

Who Is This Product For?

These trekking poles are great for nearly any type of hiker. Owed to their ultralight and adjustable design, they can be used by everyone from kids to adults. These poles even work for those who have had previous leg or knee injuries because they offer good balance and support.

However, if you want a set of poles that have shock-absorbing features, this is not the set for you. While these poles help to absorb some shock and impact as any trekking pole would, they do not have a specific bonus feature to aid in this.

What’s Included?

This complete trekking pole package comes will all of the following accessories to make using them easy no matter where you will be hiking:

  • Trekking poles
  • Tips for all terrains (asphalt, mud, snow, storage)
  • Carrying clip
  • Carrying bag

Overview of the Features

Now that you know what the pole set will come with, let’s talk about the specifics of the poles themselves so that you know what you can use them for and what they are not good for.

  • Weight

Each pole only weighs seven ounces, which is incredibly light. Because of the carbon fiber core, the poles don’t need to weigh very much to be supportive. You’ll find that this light weight makes them easier to carry, use, and maintain over time.

  • Adjustability

Another thing worth noting is that this is a set of adjustable trekking poles. This means that you can use the easy-flip locks to lock and unlock the poles. When unlocked, it is simple to adjust the height of each section so that you can get the perfect height in place for your trekking experience.

Extending the product is easy because it is released by a single switch. The Foxelli Trekking Poles lengthens fully in one release.

The collapsed length is 55 inches from a folded 24 inches, which makes it fit any suitcase or backpack.

  • Grip

The main grip on this set of poles is an anti-slip cork grip. This cork material is known for being best in hot weather conditions when your hands might be sweaty—the material can be comfortable no matter what. The cork also stays relatively dry even when raining, which is a huge benefit.

One unique feature of this trekking pole is that below the cork grip, there is an extended EVA foam grip. When you are facing terrain changes or touch trails, the foam gives you more support. This is not a feature that you normally find in many poles, so the Foxelli Trekking Poles really stands out in this area.

  • Pole Feet

Finally, many will enjoy the included pole feet. By adjusting which feet you use on the pole, you’ll be able to find a different type of balance and grip depending on the terrain. Many of these baskets and tips are included with the poles, so you can choose whichever you prefer.

The pointed tips come with a detachable rubber boot. The product comes with different types of tips for rugged or muddy terrain that will not slip off. Traction is better with the product because of the pointed tip which can be used without the covering and still remain intact.

The tips are made of tungsten and can pierce through hard soil or snow. Traction is increased when the rubber coverings are used and surface tension is increased.

Features Highlights

  • Made of 100% carbon
  • Only weighs 7 ounces per pole
  • Length is 24 inches and extends to 55 inches
  • Traction is increased
  • Easy to retract or release with one switch
  • Grip is made of cork with secondary grip made of foam
  • Comes with rubber tip, snow and mud baskets
  • Has 120-day product return window or full cash refund
  • Has 3-year limited warranty

This product provides good support to the user and lessens the stress on the arms, knees and legs. The user will exert less energy and will finish the hike in a shorter period.

The user can also maneuver quickly and extend the length of the poles with one switch. The cork grips are sweat-absorbent and are supported by a foam grip for a stronger hold when the incline becomes more difficult.

How to Use

Trekking poles are a great way to make your hike more doable while also preventing your body from being injured or overly fatigued while you are out on your hike. Generally speaking, you should put weight on your poles when descending and use them to help stabilize you on rocky terrain.

This video provides a great overview of how to begin using your first set of trekking poles:


Foxelli trekking poles are a durable and trekker-friendly product that is designed to adapt to the terrain. The material of the poles is pure carbon and ensures the durability and strength of the product when it is used with great stress.

Large-sized hikers can use the product as it can support big weight and the length can be adjusted to fit the user. The product is reliable to catch the balance of the user and will help in relieving pressure on the back, knees and legs.

The tips of the pole are pointed and are made of tungsten. The shape and solid structure of the tip will provide ample support and will pierce through soil or snow.

The baskets that come with the product act as reinforcements so that the poles will not sink into the mud or add traction to the poles as they run on the ground. The tips are also designed to absorb shock and will give the user added comfort.

The grips on the pole are made of cork. The material follows the shape of the user’s hand and will not cause arm or hand strain when the product is used for a long time.

For added support when going uphill and for the user’s added security, a grip made of foam is attached underneath. The wrist handles will ensure that the pole is not dropped and stays within arms’ reach.

The handles are useful to people with knee problems or who are recovering from a muscle injury. The cork grip has more gripping power than foam or rubber.

When the product is used for long distances, the product will not break or corrode. The carbon material makes the product impact resistant and will be able to withstand extreme weather.

Aside from the sturdiness and the secure grip of the pole, the product is covered by a three-year warranty to ensure that the product will last for a long time. The manufacturer guarantees full cash refund or a product exchange in 120 days.


For trekkers who go on light hikes, the product will appear as if it is similar to other poles in the market. The durability of the product will be tested if it is used in extreme conditions and on challenging hikes.

Some people find that they do not like cork grips. If you don’t like that you need to hold these poles lower in order to use the EVA foam grips, the XinZHiYuAy Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles offer a very similar set of features with foam grips instead of cork grips.

If you aren’t ready to invest quite this much into your trekking poles yet, you may be satisfied trying out a basic, aluminum set of trekking poles instead. The Far See Premium Ultralight Trekking Poles is a reliable option at a lower price point. With these, you can decide if trekking poles are right for you or not.


Foxelli Trekking Poles are known as one of the best ultralight trekking poles around, and you can see now that there are many good reasons for that. The product is reliable and durable because it is made of pure carbon.

The product will not break or corrode if it is used in summer or winter. The product can even be submerged in water and will not rust. The carbon material makes the product light and easy to carry.

The handles are firm to hold and will stay secure in the hikers’ grip. The cork material of the handles will absorb sweat and will not be slippery even when used in rainy weather. The product can be easily retracted or released with one switch. Adjustment of the length can be done in a short span of time which will help the user gain balance.

The product performs well in aggressive terrain and is even proven dependable for users who are disabled or injured. These poles are durable, lightweight, and uniquely designed for a great hike no matter what terrain you will be dealing with.

Additionally, they can be adjusted for various heights. What’s not to love about these Foxelli Trekking Poles?


TrailBuddy Trekking Poles Review | Amazon #1 Best Seller Now

Trail Buddy Trekking Poles Review

TrailBuddy Trekking Poles​: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like
  • ​Durable core material
  • Lightweight
  • ​Included carry bag ​& tip baskets
  • ​Collapsible
  • Easy to pack
What We Don't Like
  • ​Could be lighter
  • ​Feet loosen easily

​Whether you want a general set of trekking poles or you want something that is ultralight to make your overall carrying weight less, you might be surprised to find that TrailBuddy Trekking Poles show up as one of the top sellers in nearly every category.

What is it about these trekking poles that make them such a reliable set of poles? Will their features fit what you need on your next hike? Knowing these answers can help you make a more informed decision when buying trekking poles.

​Heroic Adventure's in-depth review will break down whom these poles work best for, what type of support they provide, and other vital details about TrailBuddy Trekking Poles.

TrailBuddy Trekking Pole Review

TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

​TrailBuddy Trekking Poles are one of the most popular trekking poles around, but what makes them such a great fit for so many hikers? Let’s take a closer look to find out.

Who This Product Is For?

​These trekking poles are ideal for any level hiker no matter their height! Since these are adjustable hiking poles with cork grips and various feet attachments, these poles can be used across multiple terrains with relative ease.

Whether you have knee injuries or have never had any injuries at all, you will find that these poles offer a reliable and steady amount of support that can help lessen the impact that hard terrain and downhill stretches will have on you while hiking.

If you want an ultralight hiking pole, these poles still qualify! While they are an aluminum pole that does not weigh as little as some poles on the market, they are relatively lightweight for the category and can fit the bill for ultralight hikes.

What’s Included?

​This set of trekking poles comes with a number of different tips and baskets for the bottom of your poles all specialized for different terrain conditions.

The poles come with:

  • ​one pair of mud baskets
  • one pair of snow baskets
  • two pairs of rubber tips 
  • one pair of connectors
  • one carry bag for your poles

With all of these items, you’ll be able to use these poles successfully for a long time in nearly any hiking environment you encounter.

Overview of the Features

​These trekking poles are made out of a durable, affordable aluminum blend. This special blend used by TrailBuddy is lighter than some of the more expensive poles, and that difference in weight will help you feel less fatigue while on the trail.

Additionally, these are very sturdy poles. If you begin to fall and use the poles to brace your weight, you won’t break them. They are a safe and secure set of poles that you can expect to be able to use for a long time.

While these trekking poles are not shock-absorbing, they still do a decent job of negating the impact caused by downhill stretches. This will take pressure and pain away if you lean on them as you hike downhill.

These poles are adjustable in height (for details check out the video below), and they can also be collapsed down to just 21” for easy packing and storage. Once disassembled, it is easy to put them back together and have them ready for you to hike within just a few minutes.

​How TrailBuddy Poles are Adjusted

How You Can Remove and Reattach TrailBuddy Trekking Pole Straps

​This set of trekking poles also comes with a few different tips and baskets for the bottom of your poles. The various designs of these bottom replacements will help you to take on any type of terrain.

Lastly, the set comes with two pairs of rubber tips since you will likely use them most often, and they can wear out quickly because of this.

How to Use

​Using trekking poles isn’t tricky, but there are some basic guidelines that you should follow when putting these poles into action to be sure that you are supporting your body correctly and lowering your risk for injury.

This video gives a great, in-depth explanation of how to use poles:


​If you do more cold-weather hiking than hot-weather hiking, you might want to choose something with a rubber grip instead of a cork grip. The Life in Motion Trekking Poles have different grips and may be a good option.

If you want to go for something even lighter, trying carbon fiber poles is probably the best choice for you. The YAPASPT Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles offers a similar experience as the TrailBuddy poles, but they have a different core material.

​Final Verdict

​As you can see, this set of trekking poles from TrailBuddy is a good set for nearly any type of hiker. Whether you’re just getting into hiking or you simply want to get a basic, reliable set of trekking poles for every kind of terrain, these poles can provide just that.

If you want poles that are durable, reliable, and fit for many different heights and types of terrains, this is an excellent set for you. Plus, you can choose one of seven different colors—who doesn’t like to customize their hiking gear with their favorite color?

#1 Success Secret to Location Independent Ecommerce Business

location independent entreprenuership

Thanks to the development of eCommerce, it’s never been easier for those seeking the nomadic lifestyle to structure their business in a way that allow them to travel and to sell goods across the globe via location independent ecommerce.

Sales have progressed from trekking the Silk road to get goods from Thailand to Italy. These days, logistics solutions can deliver a bouquet of fresh flowers, from a manufacturer in Connecticut to a customer in a Paradise Island!

But this ease of delivery also has its share of hoops to jump through.

Sellers find they have to make more decisions for their business than they envisaged. Among other things, they have to decide on the best locations for their warehouses, or whether to even fulfill orders straight from the manufacturer.

Having to choose from many options leads to decision paralysis among sellers, causing some to decline any cross-border selling. But with the cross-border opportunity estimated at $60 – 100 billion, that doesn’t seem to be a smart business decision.

Moreover, when you structure your business to fit your lifestyle–in this case a lifestyle of travel–you can gain advantages by understanding the locations you are traveling in and their market needs; the eyes of the traveling soul allow for increased marketplace opportunities and connections around the world.

Understanding Global Logistics and Travel go Hand in Hand

Taking advantage of the opportunity presented by globalization, requires understanding how international logistics works.

As a location independent entrepreneur, you are at an advantage to having clarity on this compared to your homebound competitors.

The problem is many sellers are stuck in their local understanding of logistics as being “the movement of goods from one place to another”.

For a business with plans to sell overseas, it can be significantly more than that:

Global logistics encompasses the sourcing of suppliers, finding most efficient ways to get the SKUs to a storage facility, how it is packaged to survive international travel, how it will get to the paying customer etc. On a global scale, you also have to contend with the different rules regarding transportation, customs and tariffs in every country.

It’s fair to say global logistics can be quite a complicated process.

The Global Supply Chain is the Secret to True Location Independent Ecommerce

Location Independent Ecommerce

Instead of sellers trying to focus on the 1,001 different elements they have to get right, they can do better by channeling their efforts towards creating an effective global supply chain.

In recent years, more manufacturers are setting up foreign factories to benefit from tariff and trade concessions, low cost labor, reduced logistics costs etc.

For smaller companies, this is a gateway to creating global collaborations that will be mutually beneficial. In a bid to get to market faster, more companies are splitting their supply chain across continents.

Take storage for example, if you have enough contacts and suppliers internationally, you can reduce the amount of stock you have to hold. This translates into cost savings for storage and transport.

A global supply chain also makes securing of almost any item easier, after all it is being produced somewhere in the world. And, as you travel with an eye for business opportunities, you’ll be sure to encounter products and manufacturers in countries you pass through.

Developing a global supply chain has huge benefits for any sized business.

Apart from time and cost savings, here are some more advantages of location independent ecommerce enabled by advances in cloud fulfillment:

  • Due to the time differences across countries, the global supply chain operates on a 24/7 basis. The chain is constantly on the move, working to meet all your supply chain requirements.
  • Operating a global supply chain brings new opportunities for the markets. For example, if you source goods from China and store them in Hong Kong, it is feasible that you may find other customers in other parts of Asia. Since you already have established sources in the region, selling to customers here will be done at a lower cost.
  • The global supply chain allows you ‘borrow’ expertise from a varied number of other businesses. Not everyone runs their business exactly like you; by studying their models, you can learn new production, distribution or marketing methods, from others.
  • Having a global supply chain increases your chances of maintaining sales, even if there is an economic downturn in some other markets.

By integrating a global supply chain into your remotely structured eCommerce business, you’ll find that the elements of global logistics that you need to get right, seem to fall into place.

Remember the supply chain is working around the clock, meaning your goods are moved from stage to stage efficiently.

Developing a global supply chain that works in your industry involves an in-depth analysis of all the moving parts of your supply chain.

  • Are your products manufactured in Asia or in Northern America?
  • Will you require special packaging for particular SKUs?

Answer these and other critical questions and you’ll be close to developing a supply chain that can handle all your logistics needs and allow you peace of mind to be able to build the foundations of an income stream that allows you the freedom and flexibility to operate it from anywhere.

  • Are you ready to increase sales and profits by reducing your dependence on the local economy?
  • Are you ready to expand your businesses and enter into new markets?
  • Are you running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo and need to easily track deliveries to your backers using a campaign management tool like Backerkit?

If you are running a product based business, doing crowdfunding or otherwise need an eCommerce fulfillment partner that simplifies your operations by shipping globally from one fulfillment hub at near domestic rates, search online for global ecommerce fulfillment providers and see how they can help you navigate the global supply chain and actualize your ocation independent ecommerce lifestyle.

The Best Attractions in Lima’s Miraflores District [Peru]

Things to do in Miraflores District Lima Peru

Although many travelers visit Peru to explore its pre-Columbian heritage, most travelers passing through the nation’s capital, Lima, prefer to stay in the city’s most modern neighborhood: Miraflores.

Travelers choose Miraflores for its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, its vibrant arts and entertainment scene, and its wide range of attractions that appeal to every kind of traveler. 

When you visit Lima, make sure to check out some of the very best that Miraflores has to offer.

1. Casa Museo Ricardo Palma

Ricardo Palma Museum Lima Peru

Ricardo Palma was a Lima-born writer and thinker who oversaw the country’s National Library from 1883 to 1892.

Today, the government has preserved his long-time home as a museum where visitors can see the original furnishings, paintings, documents and art that he cherished during the last years of his life.

Currently, the museum is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 5:00, but is closed for a lengthy daily lunch from 12:45 until 2:30.  Entrance is six soles ($1.75 USD).

For updated information and opening hour, visit their website>>>

2. Huaca Pucllana

huaca pucllana Miraflores Peru

If your trip to Peru doesn’t include time in Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, you can visit this sacred historic site that has been preserved on its original location in the Miraflores neighborhood.

It features a typical pyramid crafted from adobe and clay, surrounded by a central square and walls.

At press time, Huaca Pucllana is open daily from Wednesday to Monday, and regular entrance fees are twelve soles ($3.50 USD).

For updated information and current opening hours, visit the Huac Pucllana official site here>>

3. Larcomar

Larcomar Upscale Mall Miraflores Peru

Larcomar is Miraflores’ most famous, and most architecturally interesting, shopping center.

It is carved into the seaside cliffs at the south end of Avenida Jose Larco and features several open-air and glass-walled viewing decks offering panoramic views of the sea. 

Larcomar is home to several upscale restaurants and coffee shops, as well as the best selection of international clothing shops in town.

There are eight shops where you can stock up on high-quality athletic and outdoors apparel and equipment before your Inca Trail trek.

For updated information and current opening hours, visit Larcomar’s official site here>>

4. Malécon

Area of Malecon near beach in Miraflores Peru

The malécon is a six-mile stretch of oceanfront parks, walking paths and cycling routes that runs along the Pacific Coast from the artsy Barranco neighborhood in the south all the way to the north end of Miraflores.

Active travelers will love going for a jog or bike ride beside the ocean, adventure travelers will want to try paragliding (buy your tickets from the booth at Block 2) and creative types will want to take in the many different sculptures erected along the walkways.

For updated information about the park (in Spanish only), visit Miraflores Parks page here>>

5. Parque del Amor (Lover’s Park)

El Beso (the Kiss) statue in Love Park Lima Peru

Also known as the “Park of Love”, Parque del Amor is Lima’s most romantic park.

At the center of the park is Victor Delfin’s gigantic red statue El Beso (The Kiss), shown above, that features two loves entangled, horizontally, in a kiss.

The park also has some of the best sunset views in the city, making it the perfect place to snuggle up with the person you love.

6. Parque Kennedy

Parque Kennedy

Situated in central Miraflores, away from the ocean, Parque Kennedy has become a controversial tourist attraction that often pits frustrated locals against wide-eyed tourists.

The park was named after John F. Kennedy and is frequented by buskers, shoe shiners and the elderly.

It is also frequented by the one hundred (or more) stray cats who call the park home.  There are cats on the grass, cats on the benches and even cats in the trees.

While some consider the cats to be a public health hazard, other consider them an adorable addition to the neighborhood.

You’ll have to visit and decide for yourself!

Whether you want to explore the history of Lima, have an active holiday or simply relax with a cup of hot chocolate while you pet a stray cat, Miraflores has something for you.

It is also well-connected by bus rapid transit (BRT) to the historic center of Lima, so you can see the very best of old and new Peru during your stay.

Bonus: The Best Sites in Lima Peru [Video]

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5 Amazing Islands You Can Afford to Rent on Your Holiday Vacation

Islands you can rent for your holiday vacations

You don't have to be a billionaire or be listed among Hollywood's rich and famous in order to enjoy a dream holiday on a private island.

Here's a list of islands you might want to consider leasing the next time you plan your vacation.

1. Porer Island in Croatia

Porer Island, Croatia

At around $527 per person weekly, Porer Island is a half-acre islet that sits 2.5 kilometers away from the Croatian coast. 

At Porer Island, your holiday getaway in the Adriatic Sea will involve watching Porer's magnificent sunsets and boat trips (that should all be arranged beforehand) to the small islands in the vicinity.

This private island rental has a 35-metre-tall lighthouse tower.

Its main accommodation for guests is the modest stone edifice at the base of the lighthouse tower.

2. Robert's Caye in Belize

Situated 10 miles from the coast of the mainland, this one-acre private island is a steal at an estimated $150 per person.

Robert's Caye is an offshore island in the Caribbean Sea. It is part of Robert's Grove Resort located in the mainland's sandy beaches.

There are a few sparsely outfitted yet fully functioning rooms at Robert's Caye, a setup that is all too perfect for a castaway-from-modern-civilization lifestyle.

You might be staying with a caretaker and some other guests, depending on the time of the year.

3. Coco Plum Caye in Belize

Coco Plum Caye is another affordable private island for your dream holiday destination in Belize. 

Situated eight miles from the coast of the mainland, Coco Plum Caye offers attractions like breathtaking views, as well as unforgettable diving and kayaking experiences, for an estimated weekly starting rate of $1,550 per person.

Just like in Robert's Caye, everything at Coco Plum Caye is managed at a casual, fun, and relaxing pace.

For example, there is no uniformed staff to wait out on you as you drink local beer and rum while lazing away on the hammocks.

There are ten romantic oceanfront cabanas for guest accommodations.

Watching sundown on one of the private island's lounge chairs, you can mingle with the guests occupying the other cabanas.

4. Dunbar Rock in the Honduras

The notorious pirate Blackbeard once inhabited Dunbar Rock, which now sports one of the most stunning villas in Honduras

At a weekly rate of around $1,200 per person, you get to enjoy a concierge-assisted diving and reef exploration, your very own white sandy beach, on-call masseur, and a pool bar for happy hour.

Numerous other pampering options are on hand for guests in Dunbar Rock, starting from being warmly welcomed upon arrival at the GuanajaAirport and the ensuing boat ride to the caye.

Related: Pirates of the Seychelles

5. Utter Inn in Sweden

This fascinating holiday destination is for the adventurous and definitely not for the claustrophobic.

Utter Inn is a uniquely charming floating house, which doubles as a private island outfitted with underwater rustic lodging. 

It sets you back an estimated $1,800 per week.

Climb the narrow stairs to reach the structure's above-water area.

The bedroom is built underwater, and you get to see fish on the glass portholes.

There is a small dining area, a latrine, and a battery-run hotplate in the makeshift kitchen.

Wrapping Up: Rent an Island for Your Holiday

The aforementioned five private islands won't necessarily break the bank for most people.

Look at quotes from various sites and make your reservation months ahead.

Also, don't forget to note peak holiday seasons because rates may be higher during those times.