High Trek Premium Ultralight Trekking Poles Review

High Trek Premium Ultralight Trekking Pole

​High Trek Premium Ultralight Trekking Poles Review: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like
  • ​Long length (up to 55 inches)
  • C​ollapses to 26 inches
  • ​Includes mud baskets
  • ​Ergonomically designed EVA foam grips
What We Don't Like
  • ​Heavier than some styles
  • ​No extended grips
  • ​Accessories sold separately

​Are you ready to enjoy the outdoors with a fantastic trek? Do you need a reliable and affordable pair of hiking poles? High Trek Premium Ultralight Trekking Poles will help you get your exercise and let you have your fun at the same time.

These trekking poles are sturdy, lightweight, and easy-to-use. They also deliver stability, allowing you to tackle uneven terrain without difficulty.

If you'd like to know more before making your purchase, keep reading this in-depth review. It includes important details such as pole height and included accessories. Find out now if High Trek Premium Ultralight Trekking Poles are a good fit for you.

High Trek Premium Ultralight Trekking Pole Review

High Trek Premium Ultralight Trekking Poles

​Who Is This Product For?

​With a range of 25 to to 55 inches, High Trek Premium Ultralight Trekking Poles are good for short-to-tall hikers.

The quick lock design simplifies changing the height of the poles, creating a user-friendly way to fit them for your needs. 

With five color options, they are suitable for men and women. In fact, couples can easily keep track of their own poles when they choose two different color options.  

Due to their sturdy construction, these trekking poles can ease walking for people who have difficulty navigating pathways on their own. Their simple design helps to improve mobility for individuals dealing with joint issues.

​What's Included?

​Sold as a streamlined hiking stick option, your High Trek Premium Ultralight Trekking Poles include only the essentials.

Your purchase comes with replaceable rubber tips designed to strengthen your hiking sticks, tungsten carbide tips and protective covers, and mud baskets designed to prevent the poles from slipping into the ground.

If you opt to buy the accessory kit, which can be purchased separately, you get a set of snow baskets, monster feet, and a carrying bag.

Your purchase also includes a one year manufacturer's warranty on defects.

​Overview of the Features

​High Trek Premium Ultralight Trekking Poles are crafted from lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum, which gives them their strength and durability.

They easily support your body weight, minimizing the risk of fatigue and cramping on long treks for fit individuals and short ones for walkers with injuries or limited mobility. 

Each pole weighs only 10.7 ounces each when the protective tips and snow baskets are attached.

An easy flip motion is used to collapse the poles for easy storage, transport, or height adjustment. Despite being simple to use, the quick lock provides a secure placement for your pole height, even while trekking on uneven terrain. These easy-to-use lever locks prevent accidental retraction.

The flip locks assist you in retracting your poles to 25 inches for easy storage in a carry bag or backpack. The poles fold easily for quick storage. Just pack up your gear and you are ready to go in minutes.

The sweat-absorbing EVA grips keeps moisture at bay. They are large and comfortable, adding to the fun of your journey. You can easily prevent accidental drops by slipping your hands through the wrist straps each time that you use your trekking poles.

The tungsten tips are suited for difficult terrain. and the rubber tips for softer ground. Both types offer an added layer of protection for the bottom of your poles, and they are easily replaced.

If you are one of the many hikers who want a touch of color for their trekking poles, you won't be disappointed. High Trek Premium Ultralight Trekking Poles are currently available in five attractive colors, including Cloverfield Green, Sky Blue, Pink, Purple Sky, and QuickSilver.

​How to Use

​Even if you are new to hiking, High Trek Premium Ultralight Trekking Poles are easy to use.

Once you receive your poles, use the twist lock device to adjust their height. The lock stays in place, preventing accidentally collapsing your poles.

You may need to adjust the height of your poles throughout your trek, depending on the inclines and terrain that you encounter.

Be sure to place your hand through the wrist strap and wrap your hand firmly around the padded grip for a secure, comfortable fit.

When needed, mud and snow baskets attach easily to the feet of your poles.


​Maybe you aren't sure that High Trek is offering you exactly what you want in your walking sticks.

If this is the case, consider Foxelli Trekking Poles. They have the same length as the pair described here, and they are extremely lightweight.

You will pay approximately twice as much for a pair from Foxelli as you would a set from High Trek. 

However, a number of accessories are included in your purchase, including mud baskets, asphalt tips, rubber tips, and snow baskets.

​Final Verdict

​If you enjoy adventures in nature, you should take advantage of a pair of trekking poles offering affordability, portability, and stability.

High Trek Premium Ultralight Trekking Poles provide one of the longest heights available today along with a lightweight construction delivering strength and durability.

The wide variety of colors adds personality to your poles.

Both men and women can use these poles, which provide an easy quick lock system to adjust the height with ease. It's important to note that this style of trekking poles is better suited to moderate hiking conditions rather than to extreme ones.