Handpresso Unbreakable Outdoor Espresso Cup Review [2-cup set]

Handpresso Unbreakable Outdoor Espresso Cup Review

Handpresso Unbreakable Outdoor Espresso Cup: QUICK OVERVIEW


​Value for Money

​Ease of Cleaning


What We Like
  • ​Convenient size for traveling
  • ​Durable outdoors in rough conditions
  • ​Unbreakable material that's dishwasher safe
What We Don't Like
  • ​Maybe too small for people who prefer a full-sized cup
  • ​Would be more comfortable to carry with a pouch

​The Handpresso Unbreakable Outdoor Espresso Cups are the perfect solution for a portable espresso set. They are made with durable, unbreakable clear hard plastic rather than glass, so they are lighter in weight, as well. The see-through design allows you to see your espresso as you pour it into the cup, which adds to the authentic espresso experience.

For anyone who likes to be outdoors but still prefers to have their espresso on-the-run, this is a great invention. Carry these convenient Handpresso cups in your backpack as you head up the mountain on a hike, knowing you'll be able to enjoy a cup of espresso or an excellent hot cappuccino in a nifty cup when you get to the top!

One of the best things about these espresso cups is that they are made with thermal insulation that keeps your coffee hot. This is a "must" if you are an espresso lover. Who likes their coffee cold?

​Handpresso Unbreakable Outdoor Espresso Cups Review

Handpresso HPCUPS Unbreakable Outdoor Espresso Cup Set With Dishwasher Safe Design

​Who is the Product For?

​Outdoor sports enthusiasts will appreciate the durability of these cool-looking espresso cups, and it's nice to know they won't break if you drop them on a mountain top.

These espresso cups come in a set of two, so you can share an espresso with a significant other or your hiking partner as you journey into the unknown.

You can also take them in the car with you, and they should easily fit into a cup holder in your car since the diameter is much smaller than most cup holders.

​What's included?

​This nice 2-cup espresso cup set comes to you with two clear plastic espresso cups that are dishwasher safe and ready to go on your next adventure with you.

The durable material is easy to use and clean, and you'll love the cute size, too.

Overview of Features

The best thing about these cute cups is that you can take them with you anywhere and keep them in your espresso set with your other espresso tools, or pack them separately in an overnight bag.

They offer durability and resistance to damage even when you are rough on them in the wilderness.

They are dishwasher-safe so that you can wash them in the dishwasher with no worries. They clean up well and look like new with one wash.

Many espresso cups are made of glass, or they are not safe to use in the dishwasher. But these cups will stay beautiful from wash-to-wash while serving as a fast and convenient way to have a cup of espresso.

​How to Use

​These sweet espresso cups are simple to use with your portable espresso maker or in-house espresso machine. 

Whether you have a full-sized espresso machine at home or you're on your next adventure in the great outdoors, you can use this espresso 2-piece cup set anytime and anywhere.

Just pour the espresso that you make from your portable espresso machine into the cups and enjoy a great cup of espresso in style!


​There are plenty of alternatives to this product.

You can use your regular cups or kitchenware or use a paper cup, glass cup, or ceramic cup. However, ​they can also break and cause a big mess if you're away from home. For the traveler, adventurer, or camper, these cups are not perfect.

​A stainless espresso cup may work. It's a different aesthetic but comes with similar durability and ruggedness as the Handpresso set reviewed above. A good choice this double wall stainless set.

Many people also like to use them for small children to drink milk or juice from because they fit into small hands nicely also. One customer was thrilled to learn that they fit perfectly into the hands of her small child and stated that she had a difficult time finding anything like this.


​Whether you are always on the go and want to take your espresso maker with you or you are the adventurous type who needs a practical solution for camping or outdoor activities, Handpresso Unbreakable Outdoor Espresso ​cups will serve you well.

You may want to have one set for your home and one for the road so that you can use them anytime and have an extra set on hand.

They also make a perfect gift idea for someone who loves drinking espressos on-the-go. Cut down on your popular cafe bill, which is often an extra miscellaneous expense for people and enjoy espresso your way!

The set of two allows you to share an espresso with a friend or partner when you are out in the wilderness or for when you can't get away to get an espresso in a traditional cafe.

If you need a solution to breaking cups when you're on-the-go or enjoying the great outdoors, this small but functional 2-cup set may be just what you've been looking for.