Handpresso Outdoor Set Review

Handpresso Outdoor Set Review

Handpresso Outdoor Set: QUICK OVERVIEW


​Value for Money

​Ease of Cleaning


What We Like
  • ​Nice enough to use as your primary espresso maker
  • ​Convenient Espresso machine on-the-go
  • ​Keeps coffee hot for about an hour or more
What We Don't Like
  • ​The kit is a bit bulky and hard to transport in small suitcases or bags
  • ​Messy to use sometimes

​The Handpresso Outdoor Set is a compact espresso machine that allows you to use a simple scientific method of pumping air into the unit that creates cafe-like espresso on-the-go.

While the unit is a bit bulky for smaller spaces during travel, it is designed to appeal to people who don't like regular coffee but prefer an espresso like experience.

If you're like me and you are just not a "bold and dark" coffee lover, and you need that frilly foam on the top (I'm spoiled), you'll love the Handpresso Outdoor Set.

​Handpresso Outdoor Set Review

Handpresso Outdoor Set Espresso on the go

​Who Is This Product For?

​This product is for anyone who is not crazy about ordinary coffee, but you crave the refined taste of a food cafe-type espresso.

In other words, it's for those of us who are spoiled on those sweet dessert coffees! I also like the taste of the foam as it hits your mouth. This always adds something to the experience.

Travelers who have to be on the road a lot and are too busy to stop in at a local cafe will appreciate the convenience of being able to have an espresso without the high cost of paying at the counter.

​What's Included?

​This Handpresso set comes with a lot of accessories including a convenient carrying case and Handpresso pump with a pressure gauge that displays the exact amount of pressure you need for brewing.

You can use loose espresso grounds from your favorite coffee or use the pre-loaded pods that have a self-contained filter.

You also get portafilter adapters for brewing from ground coffee or the included coffee pods, which are both simple and convenient to use with this unit.

​Overview of Features

​The Handpresso Outdoor Set allows you to brew delicious espresso anywhere you go with the quick-brewing Handpresso pump.

It features a handy pressure gauge with a needle that moves up as you pump to show you how much pressure you have in the machine. When it reaches the "green" area, you know that you are ready to start pouring.

The case makes it easy to transport your espresso machine anywhere you go. It's a bit bulkier than some simple single coffee brewers, but you don't get espresso type coffee with those gadgets!

The convenient insulated flask keeps coffee warm for at least an hour, provided you have pumped it up to the maximum heat seating before pouring.

​How to Use

​The Handpresso Outdoor Set is simple to use, even for beginning espresso makers.

Just start by pumping up the unit to the green zone. Then fill the opening with hot water to fill the three water level indicators.

Then insert your E.S.E. pod or pour the ground coffee into the opening to start the brewing process. Attach the portafilter and turn the handle tightly. Finally, position the unit over your cup and pour.

Some complain that they can't get the Handpresso device to make enough coffee or that the coffee is too cold when it comes out. But this won't happen if you understand that you need to start with the hottest water possible and you should pump the unit until it is in the "green zone," which indicates it is hot and ready to pour.

When you pour it before this, you may get cold coffee.That's because the metal container cools the coffee when it is poured in.

However, in a test by a user on you YouTube, he found that the flask stays at around 194 degrees for at least an hour if you start off with the high setting. So make sure your espresso machine is "in the green" before pouring.

It's that simple!


​There are many alternative products to the Handpresso Outdoor Set, such as the Cisno Automated Portable Espresso Machine.

This unit works in much the same way as the Handpresso, but there is no need to use the pumping action because it has an internal pump that does it automatically.

While this alternative might be appealing to people who don't want to have to pump it themselves, many espressos and cappuccino lovers prefer to use the hand motion because they say it is more authentic and captures the real effects of a cafe-style espresso machine.


​This Handpresso Outdoor Set appeals to the outdoors adventurer, airline pilots, business people, or anyone who wants the authentic taste of espresso on-the-go without having to use a full-sized espresso maker.

People who don't mind flexing their muscles for 15 seconds and who want delicious-tasting espresso coffee in just a few seconds will enjoy this unique portable espresso maker. The results are amazing!