Your First Business Trip

first business trip

You knew the day would come and it’s finally arrived. You’re being sent on your first business trip.

  • Wondering what to pack?
  • Do you make the plans or does the company?
  • How will you know how to make your way around a new city?

Prepare for Production on Trip

You could fly by the seat of your pants or use your professionalism and organize in advance for a smooth sailing business trip, even if it is your first.

Most companies plan the logistics for you, but just in case your company leaves all the details up to you it’s time get started.

  1. As soon as you know your destination and time frame book a flight. Choose a flight with the shortest amount of air time. You don’t want to spend an entire day puddle-jumping from one airport to the next. When possible, select a direct flight.  Don’t hesitate on scheduling your flight, the longer you wait, the higher the cost.  Keep your company’s bottom line in mind (or not).
  2. Making reservations at a hotel should be next on the list. Hop online and look for hotels that cater to business warriors. Hotels near airports and in business districts of major cities no where their bread and butter lies and greet business men and women with open arms and all the amenities needed. Available internet access is a must with businesses speeding down the information highway.

    While searching find out if the hotel you’re considering offers any kind of transportation?  A shuttle to major business areas can be a real plus. 

    Finally, look for hotels that offer great customer service.

  3. Whether you’ve made the arrangements or the company you work for has; it’s time to learn about where you’re going. Once again, the internet can play a big part in your journey to discovering the location you’re headed for. Look for possible transportation options. In major cities taxis are always available.  You might want to take the time to find out an average cab fare, just to be prepared. And, even better, there’s Uber–or something similar–in nearly all destinations around the world. Again depending on location, if a rented car looks to be your mode of transportation, make the reservations well in advance. Check out restaurants in the city. Will you need to make plans and reservations to wine and dine a client?  You’ll want to have a good grasp of places to entertain clients in a new city.Learn all you can about your business destination.

Packing For Your First Business Trip

Once all the reservations and plans have been taken care of it’s time to think about what you’ll pack. 

How to pack for business trip

Use your organizational skills and come up with a BTL or business trip list.

The last thing you want on your first business trip is to be caught with your pants down.  That may be going a bit too far, but it’s not inconceivable that your luggage could be lost and you’ll find yourself without clothes.

By planning ahead, even in the case of lost luggage you could manage to get by with smart packing and essential planning.

Break your BTL down by thinking about what you’re going to need, but always keeping in mind “pack light.”

Carry-ons should hold top priority items like your laptop and case, the mouse for your computer, extra batteries or power pack.

Flying is not the breeze it was pre 9/11.  It’s wise to give yourself plenty of time and have your ticket or boarding pass ready.  Don’t forget to carry one other piece of ID with you such as a passport, driver’s license, or identification card.

List your business needs, things like business cards, the contact information, and the trip itinerary are absolute must haves.  You’ll know what needs to go and what can be left behind.

The final listing within your BTL should be clothing and personal items.

Again, think light, small, and convenient.  Wear your power suit on the plane, just in case you luggage is lost.

Business Travel Packing Personal Items

The length of time you’ll be gone determines what to take.

If you can mix and match, take one suit and several shirts and ties that work well together.  You’re saving a lot of space.

Try rolling clothing rather than folding [Video Below]

Tuck items within others.  Take only what’s needed and necessary.

Impress yourself, your peers, and clients by planning ahead. Be organized, prepared, and most of all have a prosperous, productive first business trip.

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