Female Traveler? Top Five Places To Go Solo

All year round, women seek a place to travel and venture out on their own; a place away from their daily life, demands of friends, family and work. They want for once to forget about wearing make-up, truly be themselves and enjoy an experience of their life time. Well, some women prefer to travel in small groups but at times, you just want to do it completely alone.

There are many places I would recommend for such a tour but even before I give you the good news, always adhere to the basic safety principles of traveling. Keep your valuables in different places (your wallet, pockets, hotel safe), and always maintain a copy of your passport in case its stolen or lost. Above all, appear confident and sure of things and you will go along way in averting danger.

That said and done, here are top five destinations where a woman can travel solo and feel fully comfortable.

New Zealand

This is my top pick. Most people in this place speak in English and there is a great transport system. New Zealand is one of those consolidated destinations that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed. Australia on the other hand is a close fit but it’s quit daunting due to its large size. You would need to keep booking planes to travel to different parts of the country. However, New Zealand is easy to reach by plane from U.S. and any woman can easily set up tours on her own using ether rented cars or public transport.

Female Traveler Top Five Places To Go Solo

Costa Rica and Panama 

If you want to travel alone to Central American destinations, I highly recommend you travel to both Panama and Costa Rica. There is a wide variety of things to do in these places and most people are English speaking.

These destinations hold a lot of adventure for active women such as hiking, zip-lining, bungee jumping and white water rafting. I suggest you start in Panama City where you can easily schedule day trips on your own to various attractions such as the Panama Canal.


You will absolutely fall in love with this place. I have been there and believe me! It’s a great place. Hanoi and Saigon are both fantastic cities and are safe enough for any woman to navigate her way alone. For you to enjoy your stay in Vietnam, book a hotel in any of these hubs and then venture out each day on a bike tour, visit local museums, or on a day trip to see temples.


Just a quick trek from the U.S., Iceland is an ideal choice for any woman who wants to travel alone. Its only 4 hours by plane from Boston and it’s also widely accessible through direct flights from major U.S cities. In Iceland, you can set up rafting or horseback riding with local outfitters and get to hike some of its thrilling natural wonders. Alternatively, you can rent a 4*4 and tour different farms for overnight stays.

Public transport in Iceland is great. You can visit a city called Reykjavik and have cutting edge fun dancing, dining and letting loose a little bit. I’d also recommend you take on an additional European destination while on this city since you will already be “across the pond” and England, Italy, France, Spain among other will only be an hour or two away by plane.


In case you want to travel and feel like you are still close to home, take a trip to Alaska. It’s best to fly to Anchorage and then take a train or rent a car to other parts of the state such as Seward or Kenai Peninsula. In Alaska, you can set up tours on your own to gaze upon glaciers, see wildlife, whale watching or go white water rafting. Another great tip is to take a day cruise to experience some of Alaska beauty.

In conclusion, traveling to these destinations is exciting, liberating and will leave you feeling re-energized and refreshed once you return home to your work and family life.

Above all, they have good structure for tourists and they are safe for any woman to travel solo. Just be sure to plan your details well in advance.