CamelBak eddy Insulated Water Bottle Review

CamelBak eddy Insulated .6L Water Bottle Review

CamelBak eddy Insulated Water Bottle: QUICK OVERVIEW



BPA Free


What We Like
  • Keeps liquids cool for hours
  • Spill proof
  • Lifetime guarantee
What We Don't Like
  • Condensation issues
  • Water valve hard to clean
  • Scratches easily

Insulated water bottles are available in the majority of department stores, sports goods stores, and online shops.

Looking for quality bottles can be tricky. Thus it is important to read reviews before buying a product. Let us discuss what the Camelbak eddy Insulated .6L Water Bottle has in store for us.

CamelBak eddy Insulated Water Bottle Review

CamelBak eddy Insulated Water Bottle

The bottle of the eddy has a decent thickness and is stiff to boot. It’s strong and able to tolerate some bumps and hits. The Bite Valve and the straw that come with it are thick, sufficient, pliable and have fair give.


  • Made with BPA and BPS-free polypropylene plastic
  • Can maintain beverage’s cool temperature for an extended period of time
  • Has double-walled insulation for maintaining temperature and preventing condensation outside the bottle
  • Has redesigned cap and Big Bite valve for faster beverage circulation
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Includes built-in loop handle
  • Has lifetime guarantee


The eddy from Camelbak is an insulated water bottle, which is great for toting while traveling or doing physical activities. It is made with BPA and BPS-free, durable plastic material. It also comes with a lifetime warranty however it does not cover damages wrought due to use, just manufacturing defects.

Being a safe product is one of this insulated water bottle’s strongest points. It has been discovered that bottles made of plastic can leak toxins into the liquid. The most notorious among these is BPA or Bisphenol A. Even though studies at this point have displayed that the quantity of BPA that was leaked into the water from bottles vulnerable to extreme temperatures is marginal, plenty of consumers still decide to be careful of such things and instead look for products free from BPA.

Water bottles free from BPA minimize the dangers of the contaminant leaking into the drinkable water. The chemical can leak into liquids when it is exposed to extreme temperatures like dish washing procedures and microwaving. There are lots of safer substitutes for this material, like BPA-free plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Making use of BPA-free insulated water bottles is good for the environment as well. A bigger percentage of plastic bottles are not recycled and remain stocked up thus eventually these bottles start to leak BPA and other dangerous chemicals around them. By using a BPA free insulated water bottle, you will help cut down lots of plastic bottles from getting stuck in the trash or dump. Hence the eddy is something eco-conscious folks will appreciate.

This is also a good water bottle for your kid to tote to school.

The bite value it offers is, according to the company’s marketing info, medical-grade silicon. And from the looks of it, it certainly lends some credibility. The Bite Valve needs a solid but not extreme bite pressure in order to open it.

The top includes a flip-down component that the Bite Valve slides over. It offers a wholly spill-proof closure whenever it gets flipped down. As soon as it gets flipped up though, the valve offers almost the same rate of spill-proof quality which is excellent.

The top includes a loop for carrying and it is durable enough for bearing the weight of a packed bottle hanging off of a carabiner that is fastened to your bag or backpack.

You drink the beverage from the eddy by means of the straw, or you can bite and sip by through the straw. You can also take away the straw and tilt or pull for a drink. Either of those methods worked well.

You can also freeze the bottle with content in it, just remember to leave around a quarter of space in order to prevent the item from bursting out.

Cleaning the CamelBak eddy is easy too—you can disassemble it without hassles and just wash it in the dishwasher. For tips from the manufacturer on caring for your bottle, including cleaning, watch the short video below.


One bad thing about the eddy is that you cannot pour hot drinks on it. The instructions suggest not filling the item with hot beverages due to the risks of scalding.

Many users have reported issues with condensation, or sweating, on the outside of the bottle, which, for double insulated water bottles should not happen.


Water is an essential commodity; however it is not safe all the time. There are microbes that reside in water; thus, regardless of whether you spend hours in the office or the outdoors, you have to always have an insulated water bottle with you in order to imbibe clean, safe water.

The CamelBak eddy Insulated .6L Water Bottle is a great product to have around for instant hydration. It can retain the coldness of your favorite cold beverages and it’s quite durable — and very safe too. A recommended purchase. The water bottle is an efficient item that will keep you hydrated and steer you off of possible health conditions.