Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Poles Review

Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Poles Review

​Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Poles: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Solid, stable, sturdy performance
  • ​Cork grips perform well even with sweat
  • ​Poles adjust easily
What We Don't Like
  • ​Plastic clips on locks break easily
  • ​Poles sometimes break while using them
  • ​Expensive price

​Carbon fiber shafts have a reputation for delivering durability due to their unique layering process. They offer a lightweight construction that is superior to the strength offered by blending two metals together in an alloy.

When you are looking for a set of carbon fiber trekking poles, this pair from Black Diamond won't disappoint.

In this review, you'll learn more about the specific features offered with a pair of Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork trekking poles.

As you read, your choice will become clearer - either this pair of poles is going to do you justice or you may decide to keep looking.

​Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Pole Review

Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Poles

​This pair of trekking poles from Black Diamond delivers robust performance with a fully adjustable design styled for backpacking and long treks. Can they fit your personal hiking needs?

​Who Is This Product For?

​Hikers of any skill can use these trekking poles to enjoy a short climb up a local mountain or a long trek through a far-away country thanks to a rugged and comfortable design. Fully adjustable poles provide enough flexibility in length to suit individuals of all heights.

This pole set is accessorized for four seasons, making it a good pick for serious trekkers looking to enjoy many backpacking adventures throughout the year.

If price is a concern for you, it is possible that you might decide to opt for a different pair of poles with fewer accessories and features.

​What's Included?

​This set of trekking poles comes with everything you might expect in an expensive package. You can use them right out of the box without needing to purchase accessories in order to take your first trek with them.

You get:

  • A pair of trekking poles
  • Low profile trekking baskets
  • Powder baskets
  • Interchangeable carbide and rubber tips

​Overview of the Features

​Choosing a set of quality trekking poles takes more than simply liking how they look. You also need to be happy with how they work. Take a look!

  • ​Adjustability

​If you like the idea of an easy-to-use locking device for your poles, this set has what you need. It's simple to use and secures your poles easily.

  • ​Weight

​Each pair comes in at just over 17 ounces, giving you a lightweight design that barely adds any weight to your backpack.

  • ​Grip

​These trekking poles deliver the ultimate in support and comfort. They offer a dual benefit of a cork grip coupled with a foam grip extension. 

​As you travel more difficult terrain, your foam grip extension adds to the support you already have. This eases your climb, even if the ground is uneven and rugged.

​The cork grip keeps your hands dry whether the sun is shining or the sky is pouring buckets of rain. Comfort doesn't stop there, because this particular grip is ergonomically angled and accompanied by padded wrist straps. 

  • Four-Season Accessories

​Truly designed for all four seasons! You get two sets of tips and baskets to keep you moving.

​Just swap back and forth between your rubber tips and carbide ones. They are fully interchangeable.

​With the Black Diamond trekking baskets you can travel easily, even when the ground is soft. Of course, the powder baskets allow you to travel on snowy days no matter what type of incline you are climbing.

​How to Use

​Using your new trekking poles is a cinch no matter how many times you've gone out on a hike.

Each task is designed for simplicity - simply flip of the locking mechanism, a quick movement to create a necessary length change to prepare for new terrain, and an easily accomplished transfer of rubber tips for carbide ones. Almost nothing could be simpler.

Just one tip to keep in mind. The plastic locking mechanism does break or open up easily when something catches on it. Just make it a point to travel with your poles upside down to avoid losing any sections of it.


​If you are searching for trekking poles offering shock absorption, this simply isn't the set for you. While Black Diamond's Alpine Carbon Cork trekking poles have a lot to offer, this feature hasn't been incorporated into their design.

You do have other options, but you may need to switch to an aluminum pole shaft construction. Black Diamond offers the Trail Pro Shock trekking poles, a set offering the same features but with the addition of shock absorption.

Control Shock Technology is used to deliver terrain-absorbing capabilities no matter how rugged your trek is. With this purchase, you'll get a set of aluminum poles, four-season accessories, comfortable grip, padded strap, and flick-lock security.


C​hoosing a set of Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork trekking poles provide you access to a reliable pair of hiking sticks. They have a sturdy design delivered by a carbon fiber core, making them suitable for rugged terrain and serious hikers.

Flexibility is a key component of this set, and it is created by readily adjustable poles. You won't have any difficulty performing a quick change in pole length either.

If you like to trek in all kinds of weather, this pair has you covered. You get 4-season accessories and a moisture-wicking pair of cork grips.