BAGAIL Trekking Poles Review

BAGAIL trekking poles






​What We Like
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Includes wrist straps
  • Affordable
  • Stable and durable
  • Absorbs shock
​What We Don't Like
  • ​Feet fall off easily
  • ​Adjustable locks loosen over time
  • ​Collapse too easily

​Trekking poles had gone a long way since ancient times when our ancestors used them. They have evolved into useful accessories with many features from being just simple wooden walking sticks. There are many models out there, and their quality and price can both vary.

If you’re looking for a trekking pole that you can use in your hiking adventures, then you should definitely consider the BAGAIL Trekking Poles, as they are quite impressive.

Read on and learn more about their features, and find out whether or not they are the perfect choice for your needs.

BAGAIL Trekking Pole Review

BAGAIL Trekking Poles Anti Shock Adjustable Hiking Walking All-Around Trail Poles with EVA Foam Handle
BAGAIL is a company dedicated to making various gears to enhance your traveling and outdoor experience. Some of the items they create are more focused on actual vacations than walking by foot, like backpacks, bags, and luggage. However, they also make outdoor gear, like some of the more sporty backpacks, umbrellas, and trekking poles.

The BAGAIL Trekking Poles is one of their bestselling items, even though they only sell a few models of that commodity type. This only serves to prove the high amount of quality that the product possesses, in addition to the high number of satisfied customers.

Who Is This Product For?

This product is an ideal choice for literally everyone who is enjoying hiking or even just walking for extended periods. If you are interested in getting bonus support for your lumbar spine, back muscles, and legs, you should definitely get this pair of trekking poles.

Additionally, the BAGAIL Trekking Poles falls in the category of less expensive walking sticks that you can find out there. If you’re really on a tight budget but are looking for a quality product, you won’t go wrong by purchasing this exact model.

What’s Included?

You get some additional accessories by purchasing this product. These include pairs of spare pole tighteners, two pairs of different endings that are used for traversing rocky or muddy terrains, as well as a trekking pole holder that you can use to keep the two poles together when you’re not using them.

Additionally, you will receive a sixty-day warranty, that you can claim with no questions asked if you want your money back or need a replacement for the product.

The additional parts you receive at no cost are quite a compelling bargain because many rival companies and alternatives on the market don’t offer the same deal, meaning you are required to purchase the endings and the spare parts for additional money.

Overview of the Features

These trekking poles come with an adjustable range; they can be retracted to 25 inches and extended up to 53 inches of length. Similarly, they are separated into three sections so that you can control the size of each one, especially the handles, endings, and the top part.

They are made out of aluminum used for manufacturing aircraft, meaning they are quite durable and won’t easily break, if ever. Additionally, two kinds of grips are available for interchanging. You can choose between cork or rubber grips that are more adequate depending on the outside weather and the sweatiness of your hands.

If you do have problems with your knees and muscle strength, make sure to use the anti-shock endings that are provided. They will amortize the impact of walking and help you through the process until your body gets stronger and adapts to the hiking routine.

How to Use

These trekking poles are quite simple to use. You need to follow a simple assembly process once you unbox them, which is explained in detail in the user manual you will receive.

Afterward, you need to adjust the height of the poles depending on your height. The general rule is that the total pole length should be changed so that they go from the ground to your shoulder height. The handle top, though, should go from the terrain to your upper palms while holding your hands close to your body.

Doing that will make your trekking poles entirely ready for use when doing regular hiking. However, if you’re expecting to climb or walk on rough terrains, you should shorten the pole length and use the adequate rubber endings that you receive with the package.


If you’re searching for a more professional and expensive alternative, you should look at the Equipeak Hiking Sticks. They come at almost double the price of the reviewed product but sport various exciting features that you will surely enjoy.


The BAGAIL Trekking Poles is pretty amazing considering its low price. You also get some bonus endings that are easy to install and will help you adapt to different walking styles and hard terrains.

Overall, this is an excellent pair of trekking poles for beginners. If you’re looking for a more professional option, then you should check out the alternatives section and maybe consider the Equipeak Hiking Sticks which is more expensive but have better quality.