BAFX Hiking Poles Review

Should I buy BAFX?






​What We Like
  • ​Anti-slip mechanism
  • ​Comfortable but firm grip
  • ​Wrist straps to protect from slipping
  • 1-year warranty
  • ​Springs to absorb shock
​What We Don't Like
  • ​​Wrist handle is too short
  • ​Twist lock can be unreliable
  • ​​Height collapses easily

​Hiking poles made by BAFX are made of aluminum and are lightweight. The structure of the poles is sturdy and will not bend even as pressure is applied to support the user’s weight. The poles are 26.5 inches but can extend to 53 inches, while containing shock for a more comfortable trek. The grips are made of a rubber lining and make holding firm.

BAFX Products are great all around poles known for their ergonomic design and are relatively durable and lightweight. In our review, we'll go over in more detail on what makes these poles a great deal for the price.​

BAFX Hiking Pole Review

BAFX Products - 2 Pack - Adjustable Anti Shock Hiking/Walking/Trekking Poles - 1 Pair

​The BAFX Hiking Poles also have wrist straps to firmly secure the poles to the hands and will not slip off. The tips are supported by rubber and will ensure stability while climbing or going down the trail. The product comes with mud discs that will prevent the pole from sinking in the mud or snow. The poles are ergonomic and can fit in any suitcase or a backpack.


  • Have sturdy structure and made of aluminum
  • Poles are 26.5 inches and stretch to 53 inches when extended
  • Tips are covered with rubber
  • Have anti-slip mechanism
  • Tips of poles have springs to absorb shock
  • Comfortable but firm grip
  • Have wrist straps to protect from slipping
  • Come with mud baskets to prevent sinking in mud or snow
  • Has 1-year warranty

These poles can be used in any type of weather and will not rust or corrode. They will provide the user with stable support when going uphill or downhill and even on slippery or soft surfaces.


The hiking poles are durable and provide stability to the user while trekking in various types of terrain. The poles are weather resistant and can be used in all types of weather. The poles are made of aluminum and will not bend or break if subjected to extreme cold or heat.

The poles can provide support in the snow or on other soft surfaces like mud because the rubber tips grip any type of surface. For hard surfaces, the poles have an embedded spring that absorbs shock.

The product is designed to prevent the user from losing the poles while walking. The grip of the poles is lined with rubber that absorbs sweat and remains comfortable and stable to hold. The handles have wrist straps that will securely attach the poles to the user.

Hiking will be more manageable because the poles can support the user’s weight. Even heavy trekkers can rely on the product and they will not bend when the user leans on them. The length of the pole can be adjusted as far as 53 inches. The pole can be shortened or stretched easily by a turn locking system.

The poles are easily transported and will not occupy space in a suitcase or backpack. The poles only weigh 12 ounces each and will not create an additional burden to the user.

The product is also durable and can even be used for hiking in cold weather. The poles will not corrode and the coating will not chip if hit against rocks or trees. They can endure long hikes that can exceed more than 25 miles of trekking. The poles will not break even when extreme stress is applied to them.

For tall users, the height of the pole becomes appropriate and can be adjusted to fit the user. The length is long or can be shortened for smaller users.

Because of the product’s stable construction, users with disabilities can use the product for everyday walking. The poles hold well on concrete and the surface tension is adequate to create stability on concrete. The grips on the poles do not slip even as the user’s hand perspires. The wrist strap makes the poles stay within the user’s reach.

The poles are reasonably priced and provide long term support on and off rugged terrain. Aside from the product’s long life, the manufacturer guarantees a warranty for an entire year.


The wrist straps appear to be too short if the pole is not properly handled or when the user wears thick gloves and a jacket.

The rubber tips tend to decrease in friction and thin out over timethough they are easily replaced and replacement tips are available on The pole that absorbs more stress tends to have a thinner rubber tip. The twistable adjustments tend to lose hold causing the pole to extend unintentionally.


The BAFX Hiking Poles are reliable and durable when used on hard and soft surfaces. The poles will provide support and stability to the user when trekking on difficult terrain, whether going uphill or downhill. The product will not bend and provides shock absorption when used on hard surfaces.

The rubber-coated tips make the product support the user well on uneven surfaces or to gain control on slippery roads. The grip of the pole is firm and will not cause wrist strain even after 25 miles of hiking. The wrist straps are helpful to keep the poles within reach.

The wrist straps can feel short if the user is wearing a jacket. The poles will break if they are used as a cane or a tent spike.


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