7 Best Secret Islands to Relax in Privacy

Islands have become one of the most celebrated places in the whole world. They are a favorite by people who find pleasure in having a cool place to spend their holidays. They have also proved to be the perfect destinations for enjoying a romantic holiday.

However, not all Islands are capable of offering pleasure in the same measure. While seeking a place to enjoy your holiday, there are 7 best secret Islands you should know about. Below is a list and description of these destinations and what you will like about them.

Torres Strait Islands

These islands are located in Australia. They are found towards the north tip of Cape York. The strait contains 274 islands. The islands function to preserve the unique tribal culture bridging the divide that exists between Papua New Guinea and Aboriginal Australia. At the
doorstop of these strait stands The Great Barrier Reef. A number of airstrips as well as hotels exist around Horn and Thursday islands. However, if you want to access the other islands you will find it easier through the discretion of the local tribal councils.

Yacyama islands

They are located towards the southern parts of Japanese archipelago. It resembles the Caribbean islands and consists of Iriomote, Ishigaki and Taketomi islands. These islands are directly connected with the sea, sushi and sand. Ishigaki is popularly known for hosting the best beaches. Taketomi has a good record of hosting good Ryukyuan traditional houses. Iriomote is the best place for you to visit if you want an open jungle ground to relax. It is characterized by a fresh supply of air creating conducive environment around the playground.

Iles du Salut

They are located in French Guiana. In English, it is commonly referred to as the Salvation islands. It consists of 3 tiny islands but Devil’s Island stands out to be popular than the rest. They are regarded as escape highlands due to history surrounding their realization. It contains a huge number of wildlife such as Ara Macaws, capuchin monkeys, sea turtles and agoutis among others. The white – sand beach as well as the shallow swimming at St. Joseph provides a good environment for swimming.


The tiny and appealing Ulleungdo islands is located midway between Japan and South Korea. It is a rugged volcanic island with no pollution, snakes and thieves. It is the best place to go for a hiking tour. The mainland is connected to the tiny Dodong – ri port through
ferry services. Seonginbong peak (984m) is the perfect summit to provide you with an experience of the rocky and rugged nature. You can also enjoy a boat trip to Dokdo islands. It consists of a huge collection of outcrops that are considered to be the main cause of
dispute between South Korea and Japan.

San Blas Archipclago

It is located in Panama and is considered one of the rarest places one can think of visiting. It consists of a total of 365 tiny islands near the warm waters located in southern Caribbean. This place has no luxury hotels except for home stays that play the role of hotels. Whatever to take for dinner depends on what the fishermen have acquired by the end of the day.

7 Best Secret Islands to Relax in Privacy 2

Penghu Islands

Penghu archipelago is located in Taiwan and consists of 90 islands. They pose glorious scenery which translates to build positively on the Taiwan culture. You will find this place exciting with ox – carts, stone – walled fields, fish – traps, ancient temples and basalt cliffs among others. The ancient temples are dedicated to Matsu, the sea goddess. This is the best place to engage in windsurfing coz it has the best environment for the activity.

Bay Islands & Hog Islands

They are located in Honduras and stand out to be the best sand – dusted islands floating off at the coast of the city. At the moment of their discovery, the islands of Utila, Roatan and Guanaja served as homes to 5000 cutthroats, buccaneers and brigands. Currently, these bays are popularly known for beaches, tropical vibe and diving. There are several islands that stand the chance to compete for the best position in the world. However, the list above provides you with the 7 best secret Islands you should know about. Through this list you will learn the best destination to turn your holiday or special event into a success story.


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