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What Are Trekking Poles For? All the Facts You Need to Know

Stay Safe on the Trail with Hiking Poles

Barring a trek up Mount Everest, hiking isn’t typically regarded as the most extreme of sports.

Nevertheless, safety is an important consideration to make, especially if you wander on trails that take you far from civilization and potential rescue.

Hiking poles not only increase your speed and comfort on the trail, but also your safety.

In this article, we will answer a common question regarding this accessory, and explain to you just what are trekking poles for.

What Are Trekking Poles For?

As you already know, trekking poles are mainly used for walking. However, that isn’t the real question here. You are probably wondering why you would need such a tool to help you perform a task as simple as moving around at a moderate pace.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the benefits of this unusual contraption, we will provide you with all the necessary info. That said, there are some concerns about using trekking poles, mainly concerning the environment. There are many reasons why trekking poles are so useful, and in the next few sections, we will discuss them in detail.

Here’s How Trekking Poles Enhance Your Trek:

Many hikers prefer using something to support them while they traverse their paths. This practice has been around ever since humankind stopped using four legs for walking.

Our ancestors quickly discovered that using sticks for supporting their weight while walking will take some pressure off their muscles and allow them to put more miles under their feet with the objective of discovering territory and gathering resources.

Advantages of Using Trekking Poles

1. Hiking poles act as antennas.

That rock might look stable, but you won’t know until you put your foot on it.

Hiking poles can allow you to test surfaces before transferring your full weight.

Use hiking poles to probe the ground for slippery ice patches, rogue holes and loose rocks.

This is a good way to avoid falling down or twisting an ankle.

2. Hiking poles prevent stress injuries by reducing strain on your feet and knees.

As anyone who’s hiked in steep ranges such as the Alps can tell you, mountain terrain can really wear on your legs.

Repetitive stress injuries are common among long-distance hikers, so it’s important to take preventative measures.

The benefit of using trekking poles for walking is providing additional support to your muscles. This will allow you to traverse longer distances with less pressure being applied to your legs, back and, most importantly, spine.

3. Hiking poles keep you alert.

What are trekking poles for

If you don’t believe this one, try doing an algebra problem after walking for a few hours with a heavy pack.

The discomfort of a heavy pack tires you out and dulls your senses, making you vulnerable to wrong turns or surprising dangerous animals.

Hiking poles will ease the weight of a pack. This will make you more comfortable and therefore more able to be aware of your surroundings.

4. Hiking poles keep you balanced on tricky slopes.

No hiker wants to fall to their death; hiking poles are handy on a steep slope that’s intent on pitching you to the bottom.

Whether ascending or descending, hiking poles will make slopes much safer, allowing you better control over your balance.

Additionally, trekking poles will help you traverse difficult terrains. They can make climbing incredibly easy, especially if you have the fitting endings at the ends of your poles.

When going through sand, they will let you keep your stability and not lose much speed. Same goes for walking through mud, water, and other similar types of ground. Poles allow you to have four points of contact, which can help you negotiate patches of loose rocks and slippery mud.

Trekking Pole Safety

While safety is top priority, also consider the other benefits that improve the trail experience. Poles allow you to move faster and cover more ground. If your goal is maximum mileage, poles better be on your equipment list.

The use of poles can also make more difficult terrain accessible to older nature lovers.

You may be over the hill, but with poles, you can get over a mountain.

The essential set of benefits is mainly for people with health issues, such as blood pressure, heart palpitations, and lung capacity deficits. It’s well known that walking can significantly improve these ailments except in the most dangerous of cases.

By applying hiking techniques that strengthen your heart muscle, combined with trekking poles, you will improve your heart strength even more than you would by just doing regular walking. This is because trekking poles will allow you to walk for more extended periods at an increased pace.

Buying Trekking Poles

Many poles are listed at $200, but your first set doesn’t need to be that expensive.

You can purchase a perfectly reasonable set for $100 or less.

If you’re short on cash, simply repurpose some used ski poles, which can often be found for cheaper. To read more about things to consider when buying a trekking pole check out this post [with videos] >>>.

Or check out Heroic Adventures take on a multitude of popular hiking and trekking poles here >>>

Design Features of Trekking Poles

Most new trekking poles are made out of aluminum or carbon fiber. These have proven to give you the best balance between durability and price. Also, they are made twofold or threefold so that you can extend or retract them at your own volition.

Many have additional design features like ergonomic handles, endings that adapt to different types of terrain, and arm straps to secure your grip better and help you stay in control better.

Rules to Follow When Using Trekking Poles

In their core, trekking poles are in no way dangerous for using, no matter how you do it. They can only grant you many health benefits and improve your hiking performance, which is what we talked about earlier.

Do note though that some people actually claim that trekking poles are harmful to nature and the environment. They say that careless hikers ruin the boulders and stones by scratching them with their poles. Also, there have been reports of vegetation being damaged by the physical impact of the poles on some of the more popular trails.

There is no legal way that anyone can stop you from using trekking poles like the rest of the community does. Nevertheless, if you wish to be entirely morally sound, you can employ some techniques that will allow you to travel with a clear conscience.


Rules to Follow When Using Trekking Poles

First off, you should use adequate endings for your trekking poles that will ensure you don’t do any damage to the terrain. These are made out of rubber, and they are easily accessible in various retail shops or stores that sell outdoor gear. Likewise, they are quite inexpensive, so you don’t have to worry about this being too hard on your budget.

Also, you can choose not to use your trekking poles when you’re approaching stones that can get damaged or when hiking through places where the poles would hit vegetation while you’re walking.

Time to Hit the Trails

Trekking poles have been used since forever, and they have only grown better as the human kind progressed. More features are being added to them every year, while some others tend to be removed. All of this is done with the objective of making them the best possible for helping humans hike.

We hope you understand in entirety what are trekking poles for. Additionally, we have provided some more information about the ways you should use them to get the most out of your hikes and walks safely. If you think you could use the benefits they provide, don’t hesitate to purchase a pair.

What Walking Poles Are and Why They Are Used

Trekking Poles Buyer Guide

You find yourself out on a hike and see someone walking towards you with what appear to be ski poles in their hands.

  • Why in the world would anyone use ski poles when they are clearly not on the slopes of a snow-covered mountain, careening down a steep hill?
  • Has this person lost their mind or is there a reason why they are using these contraptions?

Trekking poles have been used ever since the dawn of time, although they have changed their form and various other designs. The first trekking poles were actually just walking sticks. Similar to the case with other common accessories, they have evolved, and humans have made them more adaptable and pleasant to use.

If you’re wondering what is a trekking pole–a.k.a walking pole, we use the terms interchangeably here–then you should read on.

We will answer that question and many others, including what is the best way to use them, which features do they sport, and talk about their health benefits.

What Is a Trekking Pole?

Trekking poles are basically just metal poles that are used to support you when walking or professionally hiking. They are usually made in three or two sections so that they can be extended when needed. This is especially useful if you’re planning on traversing different types of tricky terrain, like deserts and rocky cliffs.

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BAGAIL Trekking Poles Review

BAGAIL trekking poles






​What We Like
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Includes wrist straps
  • Affordable
  • Stable and durable
  • Absorbs shock
​What We Don't Like
  • ​Feet fall off easily
  • ​Adjustable locks loosen over time
  • ​Collapse too easily

​Trekking poles had gone a long way since ancient times when our ancestors used them. They have evolved into useful accessories with many features from being just simple wooden walking sticks. There are many models out there, and their quality and price can both vary.

If you’re looking for a trekking pole that you can use in your hiking adventures, then you should definitely consider the BAGAIL Trekking Poles, as they are quite impressive.

Read on and learn more about their features, and find out whether or not they are the perfect choice for your needs.

BAGAIL Trekking Pole Review

BAGAIL Trekking Poles Anti Shock Adjustable Hiking Walking All-Around Trail Poles with EVA Foam Handle
BAGAIL is a company dedicated to making various gears to enhance your traveling and outdoor experience. Some of the items they create are more focused on actual vacations than walking by foot, like backpacks, bags, and luggage. However, they also make outdoor gear, like some of the more sporty backpacks, umbrellas, and trekking poles.

The BAGAIL Trekking Poles is one of their bestselling items, even though they only sell a few models of that commodity type. This only serves to prove the high amount of quality that the product possesses, in addition to the high number of satisfied customers.

Who Is This Product For?

This product is an ideal choice for literally everyone who is enjoying hiking or even just walking for extended periods. If you are interested in getting bonus support for your lumbar spine, back muscles, and legs, you should definitely get this pair of trekking poles.

Additionally, the BAGAIL Trekking Poles falls in the category of less expensive walking sticks that you can find out there. If you’re really on a tight budget but are looking for a quality product, you won’t go wrong by purchasing this exact model.

What’s Included?

You get some additional accessories by purchasing this product. These include pairs of spare pole tighteners, two pairs of different endings that are used for traversing rocky or muddy terrains, as well as a trekking pole holder that you can use to keep the two poles together when you’re not using them.

Additionally, you will receive a sixty-day warranty, that you can claim with no questions asked if you want your money back or need a replacement for the product.

The additional parts you receive at no cost are quite a compelling bargain because many rival companies and alternatives on the market don’t offer the same deal, meaning you are required to purchase the endings and the spare parts for additional money.

Overview of the Features

These trekking poles come with an adjustable range; they can be retracted to 25 inches and extended up to 53 inches of length. Similarly, they are separated into three sections so that you can control the size of each one, especially the handles, endings, and the top part.

They are made out of aluminum used for manufacturing aircraft, meaning they are quite durable and won’t easily break, if ever. Additionally, two kinds of grips are available for interchanging. You can choose between cork or rubber grips that are more adequate depending on the outside weather and the sweatiness of your hands.

If you do have problems with your knees and muscle strength, make sure to use the anti-shock endings that are provided. They will amortize the impact of walking and help you through the process until your body gets stronger and adapts to the hiking routine.

How to Use

These trekking poles are quite simple to use. You need to follow a simple assembly process once you unbox them, which is explained in detail in the user manual you will receive.

Afterward, you need to adjust the height of the poles depending on your height. The general rule is that the total pole length should be changed so that they go from the ground to your shoulder height. The handle top, though, should go from the terrain to your upper palms while holding your hands close to your body.

Doing that will make your trekking poles entirely ready for use when doing regular hiking. However, if you’re expecting to climb or walk on rough terrains, you should shorten the pole length and use the adequate rubber endings that you receive with the package.


If you’re searching for a more professional and expensive alternative, you should look at the Equipeak Hiking Sticks. They come at almost double the price of the reviewed product but sport various exciting features that you will surely enjoy.


The BAGAIL Trekking Poles is pretty amazing considering its low price. You also get some bonus endings that are easy to install and will help you adapt to different walking styles and hard terrains.

Overall, this is an excellent pair of trekking poles for beginners. If you’re looking for a more professional option, then you should check out the alternatives section and maybe consider the Equipeak Hiking Sticks which is more expensive but have better quality.


Black Diamond Distance Z Trekking Poles Review

Black Diamond Distance Poles Review

Black Diamond Distance Z Trekking Poles​: QUICK OVERVIEW





​What We Like
  • Durable and stable
  • ​Has a 3-folding design and easily extendable
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • ​Comfortable and secure foam grip
​What We Don't Like
  • ​​Retracts in extreme pressure
  • ​​Unstable joints
  • ​Not great for harsh terrain

​A light set of poles with a name taken from the look of the poles when they are getting into their folded position. 

The quick extendability via push button makes for an impressive action but with this novel touch comes some tradeoffs in functionality.

Black Diamond Distance Z Trekking Pole Review

Black Diamond Distance Z Trekking Poles

These Black Diamond Distance Z trekking poles are dependable under extreme weather conditions and for use on rugged terrain. The shafts will not bend or break when hit on hard surfaces and will not corrode or chip apart.


  • Durable and stable
  • Made of carbon shafts
  • Have a 3-folding design and easily extendable
  • Very compact at 13 inches when folded
  • Weight is 9 ounces
  • Length extends to 52 inches
  • Wrist straps made of mesh
  • Comfortable and secure grip
  • Interchangeable tips

Black Diamond Distance Z Trekking Poles are a product that uses high technology and a design that is made appropriate and suitable for the use of any trekker. The poles are structurally sound and are made of carbon; each pole weighs 9 ounces and is 13 inches long when folded.

When extended, each pole reaches 52 inches. The retraction of the poles is dynamic and can be extended by pressing the grip. The lock snaps in place immediately as soon as the desired length is achieved.

The tips are coated with rubber and can be changed depending on the terrain. The Black Diamond Distance Z Poles comes with baskets that can be attached to stop the pole from sinking in snow or mud. The tips are cone-shaped and are faster to extend than poles with flat tips.

The grip is made of mesh and foam that will absorb sweat and is comfortable to the hands. The foam on the grip will make handling more secure. The wrist straps reinforce the hold on the pole, ensuring that the poles are always within reach.


The product is made of carbon and is very dependable on long distance trekking. The product can be used in any kind of weather and can even withstand the extreme temperature in the Swiss Alps.

The structure will not bend or be scraped when hit on hard surfaces. The user is secure and can rely on the product for support. The poles adjust to the size of the user because the poles are readily extendable.

Black Diamond poles have grips made of foam that are soft to hold but keeps the hands from slipping. The product remains stable in the hand when going uphill and is a firm support when going downhill. The wrist straps are made of mesh and keep the poles from slipping from the user’s hand.

Aside from being firm, the pole’s tips grip well on any kind of surface. The poles will hold well on rocks, snow or mud and will keep the user from being knocked off. The retractable poles are easy to maneuver. The product extends and locks with a push from the handle. The cone shaped poles make it easy to glide through the shaft.

The poles’ length is not only usable by tall hikers, but the quick release is dependable for use on challenging terrain. This feature is great especially during emergencies when the user is out of balance and needs instant support.

The poles can be extended to 52 inches and are long enough to build a stable footing for the user at any time that it is needed.

The poles have three shafts that are adjustable. They are connected by rubber tubing that is sturdy. The connectors are a plus because they will not rust or corrode when wet and stop the poles from extending smoothly.

The product is reasonably priced for the quality and the high performance that it delivers. The product can be used in singles or as a pair because the handles are not specifically designed for left or right-hand use.


Because of the rubber connectors, the poles tend to retract under extreme pressure. The connectors do not support the poles well and at intense impact, the poles fold unexpectedly.

The locking mechanism is not tight to give way for easy extending, which makes the product unsafe and can pose a potential danger to the user. The poles frequently unfasten even when used on muddy surfaces. The joints are not strong enough to withstand extreme stress and tend to unlock, according to several users, at times during a hike.


The Black Diamond Distance Z Poles are handy and lightweight. The poles are easy to carry and pack in a bag and will not cause arm or hand strain because of the stable and comfortable rubber grips. The pole length is adjustable.

The cone-shaped shafts make the shafts extend smoothly and without any problems. The wrist straps are good and hold well when the user is sweating. The product will not bend or break when hit on hard surfaces. The tips of the poles have good surface traction and slipping is avoided.

However, the product has a weak locking feature. The connectors of the poles give out when extreme pressure is applied. The lock disengages unexpectedly when the poles are used with force.


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Best Ultralight Trekking Poles of 2019: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Best Ultralight Hiking Poles

Trekking poles are known for making any hikes more enjoyable, less painful, and safer. But did you even know that there are a few different categories of trekking poles? And that these categories should be used in varying situations depending on your hiking goals?

Ultralight trekking poles are quickly becoming one of the most popular sub-categories of hiking poles. These poles aim to provide sturdiness without weight, and they can make your trip easier while also being lighter.

​You may ask, “Which product are the best ultralight trekking poles?” Our reviews below will introduce you to five of the best ultralight trekking poles available on the market in 2019 with a focus on highlighting the various features that might attract you to them.

Comparison Chart

TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

Foxelli Trekking Poles

Foxelli Trekking Poles – Collapsible Carbon Fiber

BAGAIL Trekking Poles

BAGAIL Trekking Poles

EVOCREST Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

MUDDY BEAR Ultra Lightweight Trekking Poles

MUDDY BEAR Ultra Lightweight Trekking Poles

Best Ultralight Trekking Pole Reviews

1. TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

​TrailBuddy Trekking Poles is a well-rounded set of trekking poles that is very light while still providing the support and durability that you need to get through a hike.


These trekking poles are great for nearly any type of hiker. No matter what your skill level, terrain type you’re about to traverse, or hiking goals are, you may find that the TrailBuddy poles are great.

This pole set comes with two poles as well as a number of different tips and baskets that will help you hike successfully on nearly any terrain. From mud baskets to snow baskets, you will be able to easily switch out the tips of the poles to get a good grip while hiking around any terrain.

The core of these trekking poles is a durable aluminum blend. This blend is affordable while also being lightweight, making it a good choice among ultralight trekking poles. A lightweight pole like this makes it easier to get through a long, tiring hike since you will not have as much swing weight to fight.

The main appeal of these poles is how much balance and stability they can provide at an affordable price. Since the poles’ core is a durable aluminum blend, they can support you even on steep downhill descents when the poles need to bear a lot of weight—you can rely on these poles.

Another benefit of these poles is that the trekking poles are that they are adjustable. You can easily adjust the height of the poles at two different places, and the lever locks hold the height in place while you complete your hike for the day. When you’re done, the poles can be collapsed down to a manageable 21” size for easy carrying and packing.

​How TrailBuddy Poles are Adjusted

How You Can Remove and Reattach TrailBuddy Trekking Pole Straps


  • ​Durable core material
  • ​Included carry bag and tip baskets
  • ​Collapsible
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to pack


  • ​Could be lighter
  • ​Feet loosen easily

2. Foxelli Trekking Poles

Foxelli Trekking Poles – Collapsible, Lightweight, Shock-Absorbent, Carbon Fiber Hiking, Walking & Running Sticks with Natural Cork Grips, Quick Locks, 4 Season/All Terrain Accessories and Carry Bag

​Foxelli Trekking Poles is the most popular carbon fiber, ultralight poles around right now. However, do they really have all the features that you need to enjoy a quality hike in any conditions?


This is a set of carbon fiber core poles. Carbon fiber is one of the most lightweight cores around, and it can be used when you want to balance stability with weight. While these poles will be more likely to break than a comparable aluminum blend model, the low weight is an excellent payoff for that risk.

While that is a risk, this particular model isn’t known for splintering or breaking easily. Putting a lot of weight on these poles during descents is very doable without worrying about their durability. They are a strong set of poles.

When we say that these poles are lightweight, we mean that they weigh in at just seven ounces each. This is incredibly light, and even those who really keep their pack weight to the bare minimum will find that they can bring these poles along.

The Foxelli poles are adjustable, so you can change the height depending on the terrain or the height of the person using them. Being able to easily and quickly adjust the height is a huge benefit to most hikers, especially when you might want something different depending on the trail degree at any particular moment.


  • ​Extended EVA foam grip below cork grip
  • ​Easily adjustable flip locks
  • ​Comfortable cork grip
  • Includes tips, a carrying clip, and bags
  • Adjustment markings on poles


  • ​Carbon fiber may splinter
  • ​Feet fall off easily
  • ​Difficult to adjust straps

3. BAGAIL Trekking Poles

BAGAIL Trekking Poles Anti Shock Adjustable Hiking Walking All-Around Trail Poles with EVA Foam Handle


The main selling point of these trekking poles is that they have built-in, anti-shock technology. Inside the core of these poles, some springs help to absorb some of the impacts that happen whenever you are moving across tough terrain. These coils lessen the wear and tear on your body.

The aluminum used for these poles is said to be aircraft-grade, which is very lightweight. That said, these poles can be put through a lot of rough conditions without splitting or bending. Instead, you may find that the aluminum may dent a little bit.

Like the Foxelli model, these poles have two different types of grips that you can use in different conditions. The main grip is rubber which limits vibration and conforms to your hand’s shape. The secondary grip sleeve is EVA foam, which provides a super comfortable and soft grip.

The great thing about this is that if these adjustable trekking poles do not meet your expectations, there is a 60-day no-questions-asked return service available from the manufacturer.


  • ​100% satisfaction guarantee
  • ​Includes wrist straps
  • ​Affordable
  • Stable and durable
  • Absorbs shock


  • ​Feet fall off easily
  • ​Adjustable locks loosen over time
  • ​Collapse too easily

4. EVOCREST Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles​​​​

EVOCREST Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

​Our next set is the EVOCREST Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles. These poles offer great mid-range weight at only 7.6 ounces each.


The core on these poles is 100% carbon fiber, which is the most lightweight material that you might find in a pole. This material has natural shock-absorbing qualities while still providing long-lasting strength.

While carbon fiber is very powerful, it is also more likely to break or splinter if a lot of pressure is put into it. This only happens in certain scenarios, but it is worth mentioning that splintering is more likely in carbon fiber than in aluminum.

These poles are adjustable with a retractable shaft. Each shaft can be adjusted between 24” and 54” meaning that they can be used by nearly everyone in the family, no matter what their height is. The adjustable parts are locked in with a quick-lock mechanism that makes it very easy to adjust the height at any moment during your hike.


  • ​EVA foam grip extensions
  • ​Cork grip wicks moisture
  • ​Included two-year warranty
  • Extremely lightweight


  • ​Tips fall off easily
  • ​Various durability ​issues

5. MUDDY BEAR Ultra Lightweight Trekking Poles

MUDDY BEAR Ultra Lightweight Trekking Poles - 2-pc Pack Adjustable Hiking or Walking Sticks - Strong, Lightweight Aluminum 7075 - Stronger Than Carbon Fiber - Cork Grip, Padded Strap

​Finally, we will discuss the MUDDY BEAR Ultra Lightweight Trekking Poles. These poles use a strong, lightweight aluminum to provide the perfect blend of lightweight and durability.


The cores of these poles from MUDDY BEAR are made out of an aluminum alloy known as 7075. This alloy blend is lighter than standard aluminum while being stronger than carbon fiber. Essentially, it’s the perfect choice for an affordable trekking pole.

This adjustable pair of poles uses twist locks rather than flip-locks. Flip locks can be difficult to use or begin to loosen as you use them, which defeats the purpose of locking the height at all! Instead, these poles use twisting locks to keep the height secure, no matter how much weight is put on the poles.

There are anti-shock coils inside the core of these poles. These help to cushion the impact of each step that you take during your hike so that you can hike without as much worry about the stress put on your body.

The grip on this model is made from a natural cork material. This material is known to conform to the shape of your hands, so you will be less likely to deal with any abrasion or chaffing that might happen with other materials.

This company also offers a six-month, 100% money-back guarantee. Not all companies that make trekking poles offer such a great guarantee of their products, so you can trust that this pole will be supportive for a long time.


  • ​Affordable
  • ​Great design
  • ​High-quality cork grip
  • Spring action core
  • Super lightweight


  • ​Difficult-to-adjust wrist straps
  • ​Pole feet fall off easily


​Among these great options for the best ultralight trekking poles, we have to say that the TrailBuddy Trekking Poles stands out as one of the most versatile and easy-to-use trekking pole sets around. The superior aluminum blend is very light while still providing good durability and strength for even the most difficult parts of a trail.

If you prefer to stick to an even lighter carbon fiber pole, we’ve found that the Foxelli Trekking Poles is likely to be your best choice. These poles weigh less than eight ounces each while still offering great features like adjustability, resilience, and comfortable grips.