Motorhome Holiday Essentials: What to Pack

Jumping into a motorhome and experiencing the freedom of the road, either home or away, is the perfect holiday for many.

Sales of motorhomes are booming, and it is little wonder when you consider what you can gain from a holiday of this kind as opposed to one just spent sitting by a pool all day.

Whether you are an experienced motorhome holiday maker or planning your first trip, here are 7 essential items that will make your motorhome holiday go a lot more smoothly.

Motorhome Holiday Essentials

1. Vital Bits

Passports, if you are travelling abroad, bank cards, money and currency, phone chargers, the list could go on and on. We all know that space is at a premium in a motorhome however this is not one area to try and cut back on.  Torches, batteries, electrical adaptors all fall into the category of essential items, those little things that being bereft of can make a holiday into a nightmare. Another essential is any prescription meds, inhalers and other health necessities are not something you want to run out of in the middle of nowhere.

2. Toiletries

Antiperspirant, insect repellent, shower gel, conditioner and sun cream all fall into this category. Baby wipes are also great for freshening yourself up in hot temperatures or for wiping your hands when you can’t get to water. Store them upright in a locked cupboard or tall container to avoid spillages when you hit a bad road surface. Don’t forget toothbrushes, toothpaste and shaving gear either, unless you are intending get right back to nature and growing a face full of fuzz.

3. Food & Drink

These should be restricted to the essentials until you reach somewhere to replenish your stocks. Water, milk, tea, coffee, breakfast cereals, packet foods, stuff to make sandwiches, snacks will tide you over well until you stock up again.

4. First Aid

The easiest way is to buy a first aid kit which will have everything you need already in a container. Extra plasters and an antiseptic cream or liquid should also be there as you will soon deplete the plasters supplied with a kit if you are holidaying with kids.

5. Clothing

This is a toughie and very much depends on where you are going and what time of year it is. Some kind of lightweight waterproofs are essential as you never know when the weather will change, wherever you are it’s good to have a place to shop that convenietnly has all of these items in one place– stocks a good range for every occasion. The rest is common sense but as space is, once again, limited try to spend at least a few nights at a site that has laundry facilities.

6. Tech Items

Even though you may loathe your kids playing on their phones or tablets these will make the travelling a lot easier as they will be occupied. Explain in advance they are only to be used when on the road to avoid any arguments further down the line.

7. Playthings

Bats and balls, a football, badminton kit, easy to store items that kids will play with if you choose to spend time where there are no entertainment facilities. Mix this up with nature hunts to keep them occupied.

Whether taking a short weekend holiday in a motorhome or going for an extended journey spanning weeks to months, your adventure will be a breeze when you remember to pack the above 7 motorhome holiday essentials.

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