No Need for the Amazon: Ayahuasca Ceremonies in the USA

There are physical adventures, there are mental adventures, and then there is ayahuasca: a relentless spiritual-physical-mental adventure that may be one of the most intense ordeals your soul can choose to experience in this life.

If an ayahuasca ceremony is on your bucket list, you no longer have to go all the way to South America’s Amazon to reach your goal.

Thanks to religious freedoms in the USA, you can finally check-off this list item, the ayahuasca ceremony, without leaving the USA. There are a handful of legal ceremonies popping up in urban areas and far-out locations in scattered pockets across the United States of America.

According to a page on the ayahuasca retreat section of, a UDV member who goes by the title Chief Minister Hupp is offering ayahuasca in the United States for people interested in the UDV religion and it’s full-on spiritual practice of ayahuasca tea imbibing.

“The tea, known as Ayahuasca or Hoasca, is revered as sacred by UDV members. It is a sacrament serving to heighten spiritual understanding and perception, and brings the practitioners closer to God and the Divine.” — Chief Minister Steve Hupp

It seems that the religious protections invoked by the UDV, a Brazilian religion, have made it possible — for people acting on the church’s behalf — to recruit new members to the church’s spiritual practices, where, as a potential member, you can partake in the ritual drinking of ayahuasca.

It’s typical for UDV ayahuasca sessions to include dancing all night, wearing pure white clothes, and singing Christian songs.

That’s right, the UDV is Christian. During a ceremony you’ll be immersed in an alternative Christian world that — to outsiders, the uninitiated, fundamentalist, or bible pounding puritans — may seem like sacrilege.

This is the most unusual US ayahuasca experience to come across Heroic Adventures’ radar, and it happens to be located in the same state as one of North America’s most famous horse races, the Kentucky Derby.

Yes, you read that correctly, Kentucky.

Save the South American journey. Instead, buy your plane ticket to Kentucky.

In all fairness, probably not everyone is as excited about an ayahuasca adventure in Kentucky as they would be taking the sacred medicine, say, with a Shipibo medicine man in South America — but, the novelty of the offer can’t be disputed.

Imagine it, you can fly from New York City down to Kentucky in a weekend. After drinking ayahuasca and having a lifetime’s worth of spiritual bombardment entering your consciousness, you’ll be a new person when you go back to the office in New York on Monday.

It’s time to take a Heroic Adventure not to the Amazon but to Kentucky.

Compare the first photo from the Amazon, below, to the second photo of Kentucky, below, it would appear there is a spiritual connection between the two… Well, at least, they both have a lot of nice green plants.

USA Ayahuasca Retreats

The Amazon isn’t the only place to legally ingest ayahuasca. Ceremonies are now emerging commercially in the United States of America.

Kentucky, USA

Looking a bit like the Amazon without the river, in Kentucky you can now legally drink ayahuasca with a Minister from the UDV.

Phi Phi Islands Excursion by Ferry Boat

One of the most glorious tours I ever took while on vacation in Thailand was a Phi Phi Island Ferry.

When I was in Phuket, on the coast of Thailand, it’s hard for me to even describe how incredible it was, as if I was in the most idyllic spot on earth, all for an experience that was affordable.

Phuket is already spectacular, but taking a ferry trip remains simply unbelievable. Let me tell you what’s in store and believe me, by the end of my tale you’ll be booking a seat.

On the southern-most end of Thailand’s coast are the Ko Phi Phi Islands, that are pretty much famous for being in most films or TV shows. It’s a true, unspoiled wonder that everyone should experience once in his or her life. I decided though, that I wanted to visit the beautiful islands of Phi Phi before I had to fly back home. Luckily, this was all arranged through my hotel and the staff very graciously organized it all, as well as a pickup and drop-off option.

It’s service like that, service with a Thai famous smile, which makes it a breeze to enjoy Thailand.

The travel agent dropped me off by the Phuket Ferry, where I met other excited adventurers waiting for the boat trip to begin. This was early in the morning and I was promised a lot of free time to myself once I got to Phi Phi.

The ferry captain greeted us all, we boarded this beautifully maintained vessel and away we went, swept out onto an ocean of crystal blue waters. It was a true sight to behold, being in the middle of it all after having been imagining those magnificent mountains popping out of the sea, I’d seen them so often in postcards and on film.

Traveling by ferry to Phi Phi was perhaps the best part of my entire trip in Southeast Asia.

Thailand is a true wonder, with a clean blue ocean that is warm and begging to be swum in. And swim I did, as soon the Phuket ferry got to Phi Phi, that is. I dived into the waters directly from the boat towards the snorkeling team, who promised me a majestic tour of the great limestone cliffs and reefs of Thailand. It was breathtaking as fish of unknown colorful variety swam around me. It looked like I was part of a National Geographic shoot.

Phi phi island close to Phuket Thailand

After that, my group went for a delicious Thai lunch at a restaurant that overlooked the rest of Phi Phi. It was as if I was in a jungle, just floating there as the sand, trees and sun surrounded me. The food was mouth-watering and was yet another highlight of the Thai experience. There were of course, many other restaurants to choose from, but the incredibly friendly locals had managed to point me toward the best eating and drinking spots on the island… Well, it helped, on particular guy was a foodie who’d lived in Thailand for ages and really knew his stuff.

Preceding the excellent food, the white sandy-shores of the Phi Phi beach were begging me to soak in the sunshine. There is literally never a bad day in Thailand and the weather is extremely temperate. If it gets too hot, you can always just run into the ocean to cool off.

I decided to simply relax on the beach though and enjoy some of the last few days I had left of my Thailand holiday.

Shortly after that though, I had to board the Phi Phi Island ferry back to Phuket. It was a shame because I could have spent many a days there.

What I didn’t yet mention is that this is truly a trip for the whole family. While I was just one person who went there by myself, there were families soaking up the sunshine and enjoying their time splashing and swimming around in the inviting waters.

One feels incredibly safe while in Thailand and the Phi Phi ferry tour guide also ensures that you are well-looked after at all times. This is a trip that I cannot wait to go on again and as I said, the price is quite low so I shall go on a Phuket ferry every time I visit this truly magical side of the world, as should you. Don’t hesitate; book a Phi Phi ferry trip now to see one of the best parts of Thailand. You never know, a simple boat trip could turn into the heroic adventure you’ve been seeking for a lifetime.

Great Tools, Apps and Gadgets for Planning a Holiday

Planning a holiday used to mean a trip to the travel agent to see what package holiday deals they had on this season. Nowadays we have the Internet, which has literally opened, up the world to us. There are an infinite number of places to visit, so here are some things I have used to help me plan trips.

Best Website: Trip Advisor
This website has revolutionized the way we book and plan our holidays. The most important feature is the accommodation reviews, which are pretty unbiased, unlike certain websites which sell rooms where there seem to be less negative reviews. You need to keep an eye out for fake reviews still, which can be done by Continue Reading →

Chiang Mai the Perfect Place for a Long Holiday

Chiang Mai is the northern capital of Thailand. It is nowhere near the beaches that the country is famous for in the southern islands like Koh Samui and Koh Phang Nang. It is nowhere near the seedy nightlife found in cities such as Bangkok and Pattaya.

It is quite literally nowhere near these places not just by distance but also in many other ways. Some of these things are what makes Chiang Mai the perfect place for a long holiday.

Doi Suthep: Making Chiang Mai feel like a Mountainside Town
Doi Suthep isn’t the most spectacular mountain, or the highest. But it is right next to Chiang Mai. The city is so small that it has a kind of small town feeling. This combined with a mountain backdrop on one side makes it feel like a lovely mountainside town. On the other hand you also get the benefits of a city such as modern malls, three opened within the past couple of years.

At the top of the mountain is a wonderful temple with stunning views over the city. If you can find a place to stay with a view of the mountain, you will really appreciate it. We changed rooms 4 times to earn the best view in our building. Now that we have the view we want, we will keep the apartment even when traveling elsewhere. Which brings me nicely onto accommodation…

Value Accommodation
At any time other than December and mid April, you will easily find excellent value long-term accommodation in Chiang Mai. When I say excellent value I really mean it. We pay $150 a month for a spacious, clean, modern studio apartment. It has a balcony with great views of the mountain, which we enjoy most at sunset.

You can even pay less than this. Continue Reading →

5 New York City Highlights

New York is one of the greatest cities on the planet – here’s what to do on a trip to this fantastic place.

There is nothing quite like the excitement of planning a trip to New York. The hardest part is knowing exactly how big a bite you will be able to take out of the Big Apple due to not only it’s size but the amount of attractions it boasts. It can be daunting to try and narrow down what to see and what not to, and trying to fit too much in will just leave you exhausted and not enough time to enjoy what you are seeing.

Before you go to the USA you will need to prepare – here’s a quick guide how:

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4 Best Cities in the World for Skateboarders

Some action sports enthusiast, spend a lot of their lives on skateboards. The Heroic Adventures team has collectively skated all over the world; it’s been a privilege to experience exotic urban landscapes while skating on multiple continents.

What we’ve learned is this — not all places are created equal, especially when you are traveling as a skateboarder.

The peaceful small city of Varna, Bulgaria? Scenic, indeed, but its cobblestone roads are not going to be very friendly to urethane wheels.

With some of these past experiences in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the 4 best cities in the world to ride a skateboard.

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Motorhome Holiday Essentials: What to Pack

Jumping into a motorhome and experiencing the freedom of the road, either home or away, is the perfect holiday for many.

Sales of motorhomes are booming, and it is little wonder when you consider what you can gain from a holiday of this kind as opposed to one just spent sitting by a pool all day.

Whether you are an experienced motorhome holiday maker or planning your first trip, here are 7 essential items that will make your motorhome holiday go a lot more smoothly.

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7 Best Secret Islands to Relax in Privacy

Islands have become one of the most celebrated places in the whole world. They are a favorite by people who find pleasure in having a cool place to spend their holidays. They have also proved to be the perfect destinations for enjoying a romantic holiday. However, not all Islands are capable of offering pleasure in the same measure. While seeking a place to enjoy your holiday, there are 7 best secret Islands you should know about. Below is a list and description of these destinations and what you will like about them. Continue Reading →

Top Summertime Destinations You Can’t Miss

The United States has a lot of beautiful places to visit when the weather is warm. Summer always brings out the best in cities around the country. In this article you will learn about the best places to travel during summer. It’s a good thing to know where to travel during certain seasons.

Miami Beach in Florida has some of the best weather during summer. Walk through the sand, shop at the nearby shopping centers, and enjoy fine dining all within walking distance from your hotel. Miami Beach has a lot of fun night activities such as drinking and dancing. Young couples that want to take their first trip together can make this trip a memorable experience. Families can also have loads of fun by visiting the local attractions, spending a full day at the beach, and eating great food all over the city. Continue Reading →

The Most Important Travel Tips – Health, Lodging and Money

Traveling can be fun and even more exciting with proper preparation for your social or official trip. There are therefore some very important tips you must keep in mind to manage and realize a comfortable trip. These tips are so important that some can never be overlooked in the preparation of any form of travel.


Your health is the utmost important factor to consider whenever you are traveling away from your home or place of work. You need to inform your doctor and insurance provider of your planned trip in order to receive necessary vaccinations and renew prescriptions as you find out if your insurance policy applies in your destination’s hospitals in case of emergencies. Continue Reading →